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please tell me you play at home on the big screen in your living room while serenading Moose.

You Go Girl!

OMG! Sarah, this is too funny! We haven't played ours in way too long. I should drag it out again.

I actually married a drummer so when Rock Band came out, we were first in line to get it. My kids love it. My 6 yr old loves the guitar!
Our only problem with it is there really aren't enough instruments for all of us to play and have a good time. haha When everyone was here for Christmas (There are 20 of us now, us, our kids & grandkids) we bought a really nice Karaoke machine and THAT was hilarious. I could NEVER do that in public but it's a riot with family.

Might I say....you have some pretty impressive note streaks there! LOL

We gave my daughter Band Hero for Christmas and she has had to drag me to the mic a few times to jam with her...right who am I kidding...I totally rock a few Go Go’s songs. My streaks aren't as impressive as yours (rock on sister) but it completely feeds my inner pop star diva, without all the unnecessary meltdowns, entourage drama, and trips to rehab.

Goo Goo G'Joob

I'm a mad keen Beatles fan (and have been since my older brother discovered them as a teen - and subsequently indoctrinated me!) and I enjoyed reading which songs you were be drawn to.

Now that you're an convert, I'd recommend watching the recent film 'Across the Universe' for another way to look at some of the Beatles songs. The arrangements are totally inventive and bring new life to some of the boppy early 60s stuff.

Keep on rockin'!

It's great that Rock Band has introduced a whole new generation to the Beatles.

As an old broad, I have a whole set of memories to the music of Beatles. My first kiss when Meet the Beatles came out, my first joint with Sgt. Pepper. and going to community college playing Abbey Road over and over in the library.

Now the Beatles gets to be the music of your life, like it's been mine.

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