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Hi Sarah,
being close to finishing a project with my partner makes me very happy these days - having her in my life in the first place, that is.

I was happy to hear that Angie Harmon is going to be another book series-coming-to-TV detective (we can't get Lindsay Boxer back, so that's as good as it gets). And speaking of which, I love seeing new people discovering the fandom still.

Hope we get Lie To Me back, soon :)


I'm on a tight rope of happiness right now, I'd say. There's a new man in my life, but my intentions may not be entirely honorable. :) He's the first since my husband died almost two years ago, and all sorts of dormant feelings and emotions are swirling around in my heart and mind. Having just finished Gretchen's wonderful book, I'm focusing on enjoying the moment, not trying to plan the future, and trying to being honest with myself and in my communications with him. "Lighten up" I've been telling myself.

The Saints are in the Super Bowl! This made me very happy because (having spent Christmas in New Orleans, where I went to a Saints game in the Superdome) I've become a big supporter of the city of New Orleans -- and I was particularly touched by the incredibly warm and cheerful spirit that pervades everything that happens there, parTICularly everything that has to do with the Saints. You can't imagine how much they love that team. So, knowing how happy my friends in New Orleans are, and what a jubliant joyous lift it's giving to the city right now, has been keeping me smiling all week.

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