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I love when it rains as well, especially when the weather's temperate. I love to work on rainy days, snowy days, overcast days. A good soundtrack helps too. But, I find that I enjoy these days more when they're sprinkled about my weeks. If I get too many snow days, for instance, they can become more of an expectation than a commodity. Still enjoyable, yet, somehow less so. At least for me. : )

I like the rain but KS rain seems to always be accompanied by wind, hail, thunder, lightening and tornado sirens. We've even had a few thundersnows this year! You've GOT to love snow accompanied by thunder and lightening!

Growing up in the DFW area I loved the rain because the majority of the times that it rained there was no thunder & lightening.....it was just rain.
So, we PLAYED in the rain. We ran barefooted in the rain and chased after things that we'd set sail in the gutters.
We had a rain like that here in Wichita last summer. My kids thought I was crazy when I told them to go play in the rain. But they did, and after a bit of instruction *grin* they loved it.

Not sure I could live in a place like Seattle though. I need the sun to shine more than it does there. lol
I'm glad to hear someone in LA is liking the rain though because all I've seen on Facebook and Twitter are people complaining. :-)

Oops, sorry for the epic reply.

Forget North Carolina, come to Cornwall and I'll show you rain.

I am never bothered by the weather here. Locals talk, talk, talk, about it, but I love how green it makes everything through every season.

I've lived in Tacoma, Washington, and different parts of California along with Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, New York (upstate) Germany and my home state of Georgia, but when it comes to rain ...I think the perfect balance is here in southwest England.

Being only 10 miles from the coast, seagulls frequently land on my neighbor's roof and the coast path is open to anyone wishing to walk it. Cornish coasts remind me of the beauty of northern California only with less crowds, more friendly people and loads of lovely pubs.

Wow, I don't know about anyone else but I'm off to Cornwall! :-)

How about Portland? Lots of rain there, too!

Portland may be better than Seattle! And then there's always Chicago...

It's raining north of Asheville right now. I'm just sayin'...

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