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I am "so Detroit" where our food delivery service is a paper bag with a golden "M" on it. Our dogs are pit bulls...they don't need a dog walker, they walk themselves. And personal training means putting on your Kevlar and running on the sidewalks on the West side. Welcome to Detroit!

Sarah, You need a wife :-) Seriously, Delia Lloyd (realdelia.com) who writes another one of my favorite blogs blogged on this same topic today (as did The NY Times; BTW, I'm so "NYC"!). We just don't have enough hours in the day to take care of ourselves, our work and our families! We need someone to help us with our laundry, food preparation, cleaning, training, etc. in LA and in NYC (And I'm sure countless other places in the US!). Great post today!

You have to do what works for you. It's awesome that you spend so much energy trying to be healthy. But have you considered (and there were hints of this in the post) instead trying to avoid the things that make you unhealthy in the first place? Maybe that will keep you more sane :)

Time to leave!!!!

The mountains are calling.

Bi-weekly organic farmer's market. Several accupuncturists (humans only I believe). Pilates and Yoga in the basement of our clinic.

Lots of amazing glassblowers (http://www.dbglassworks.com/ (you have his glasses and http://www.jgeciglass.com/) and potters (http://www.pottersoftheroan.com/).

Oscar, Eli, Jen and Steve.

At least come visit soon.

Midwestern girl myself, although the work ethic only extends to beating myself up about all the time I spend reading blogs, and I have never owned a skort.

I'm not old old Austin, because my family hasn't lived here for five generations, I'm not Baptist, and I don't own any guns.

I'm not old Austin, because I've never smoked pot or waited tables at Kerbey Lane and I don't own anything tie-dyed.

I'm not new Austin, which is sort of like LA except without all the support services, because they're 20something geeky guys who can live entirely on Coke (probably with both sizes of C).

Never apologize! It's that Puritan work ethic that's hanging you up. What's wrong with finding and paying for help in the areas that aren't your core interest, to enable you to focus on what you do best, where you add the most value to the world, if the money's available? The risk is in feeling disconnected from your life, I guess, and there are many ways to address that. If it makes you happy, doesn't hurt anyone (and helps plenty of service people who need jobs), enjoy!

And I guess I'm "so Silicon Valley" -- as a sole parent of a three-year-old, I have a nanny/housekeeper, a gardener, a pool boy, a housecleaner, and a CSA box delivered regularly. I do yoga and meditation, have my daughter signed up for Spanish next year. Why not? :)

Sarah, you love your job. That is HUGE. That is far more important than what you need to do to make sure you stay healthy and happy while doing that job. I think you should take pride in it!

You could be so Denver: Saab or Subaru with a portable "Yak'rack" on it so you could tote your skis, board, bike and kayak for a weekend in the mountains. Don't forget to accessorize your car with a golden retriever, a Columbia fleece jacket and a baby. Then you'll be so Denver.

NY for over 20 years.. how did it happen? I have had a personal trainer and a meal-delivery service.. it's about our careers not our location.. I think. I'm actually thinking of moving to LA.. a very crazy idea.

@smfain truth be told I am a middle size, translucent woman who is "so SUBURBAN Detroit". I work 55 hours per week and while I do not have a personal assistant, I can multi-task the heck out of a lunch hour! I cut up my veggies & fruit and put them individual containers to take to work with me so that I can snack without guilt. I do the laundry while watching Lie to Me (typically), and I weed my garden as "I" WALK my tiny little Brussel Griffon. However,I do have a personal trainer, I stay in fine hotels and I indulge in regular pedicures...things that keep you sane, right? :) Keep up the outstanding work, your scripts, blog and talent are "mental" health for some of us.

I am "half LA" in a Chicago world. While I do have that practical, Midwestern, "get-er-done" work ethic and have taken comfort in the fact that my wardrobe can now be exclusively jeans, t-shirts and fleece -- all easily found in size 12/Large -- I also lament the lack of wonderful, reliable housekeepers and nannies. It's weird that people don't have in-depth conversations about television or movies beyond, "I liked it." On Sundays, you can get easily get a table in a restaurant before 12pm because everyone else is in church.

OTOH, the husband laments that all his coworkers refuse to eat anything but burgers for lunch because Vietnamese food is too "scary", and they all spend their weekends drinking beer from a can and playing video games. Thank God he likes football.

We sorely miss the erudition that personifies the Los Angeles entertainment industry. You *are* "so L.A.", Sarah, but you have dual citizenship with the real world. Nothing wrong with that.

Sarah, I don't believe in labels...but I do understand the need for people to create labels.

All I can say is do what you makes feel happy, follow your spirit, and be sure that a decision comes from the heart and not from the ego.

Love your writing!

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