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I'm sorry you're sick again! Sending you healing butterflies - be well soon.

If anything, I am rigorous about sending my photo out with a good quote on work days. :-)


Oh no! I'm sorry you are sick AGAIN. Where are you picking up these germs? With a houseful of kids who go to school and me volunteering at the school alot I KNOW where our germs come from.

It may seem like overkill or paranoia but I keep a big squirt bottle of Germ-X in my Jeep and when the kids load their backpacks in the car, they use the Germ-X before they climb in themselves. Also, after trips to the grocery store I load up the bags and then use the stuff myself. I try not to bring germs home with us. LOL Oh, and I used to think it was silly that the stores would have clorox wipes near the carts for people to use. I use them now and don't care if anyone thinks I'm paranoid.
We get sick, there's no way to keep away from the bugs completely but my daughter, one of my older sons, and 3 of my little grandsons all have asthma.

Wow, it would seem I'm pretty rigorous with germ avoidance! LOL

Honey, I hope you get to feeling better. Take care of yourself and get the rest that your body needs to heal. Drink lots of water!


I'm trying to think of what I'm rigorous about. That implies a level of control and intent I just don't have at this time. Nope. Got nothing.

Check back when you're into "lackadaisical."

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