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Wow, sorry you had a sucky couple of days. I had a feeling when I saw the title of this blogpost that you literally got licked and I was glad to see you finally did.

What a sweetheart of a dog Harley is.
I had two dogs growing up that looked like that. We named one Avon because, yeah, we got her from my mom's "Avon Lady". LOL Weren't the 60's great. haha

I hope the rest of the week is better for you. Take deep breaths and repeat "this too shall pass". over and over and over again. :-) You know, even though crying at work can be a pain, I always think it's better to let out those emotions than to bottle them up and have them explode at the most inopportune time. Take care of yourself!!

I'm going to send a quick email to your gmail account. I have a weird question about your Kindle.

Chris :-)

Sorry you've had a few doozy days. Pets are the best at helping with those. I know you know that, every dog owner does! There's something about seeing your dog(s) at the end of the day and having them wag their tail at you and jump around so excited to see you that can make you feel so much lighter.

But, puppies? Oh my! Puppies are the greatest. I swear their breath has medicinal value. I wasn't expecting to read that Harley licked your toes, but how cute is that? Holding a puppy and having them so focused on you and breathing that special little puppy breath, ah.

A rescued puppy? I believe they have twice the medicinal value. I have had four dogs in my life and all were rescues. Only this last one we got was a puppy. The rest have been close to 2 by the time they came to us. I swear a rescued dog knows that you saved them especially when you get them from a 'kill' shelter. Animals know these things. Instinct.

Anyone who has never owned a rescued dog should try it. It is an absolutely wonderful feeling, and they remind you everyday how wonderful they think you are. Even when the people around you are disappointing you, that rescued dog will always make you feel like the most loved person in the world.

Sorry to hear that you had a crummy day. I too understand the just-cried-in-my-office-look. For this very reason I was thinking about advising a group of young aspiring female filmmakers/writers to always keep an emergency makeup kit in one's office, in case you had to re-do eyeliner in order to pretend at some point in the day that you had not just been crying behind closed doors. Emergency eyeliner is right up there with extra postage stamps and cell-phone charger cords for the office, imho. (I didn't end up telling the group that; figured I'd be encouraging about life as a working woman.) But, um, on the plus side, try doing something nice for yourself EVERY DAY this week. Sending you a big hug, m.

Mmmm. Puppy!
Sorry about the bad day. Time for that pedicure?

Puppy breath! Too cute. I know a dog named Harley Girl.

I'm living in fear that the next reconfiguration of my workplace will have me back in a cube. Having an actual private bathroom is an unimaginable luxury.

Chris-- You got me thinking, and now I believe I'll be posting about book ideas tonight!

Sandy-- So true! All of my dogs have been rescues, and there's nothing better!

Melinda-- Now, that's a good idea. I had to be very careful with the dabbing, so as not to totally ruin my face. Wouldn't have been a problem if I'd had a backup makeup supply...

L-- Oh, god, that sounds good.

EV-- Believe me, I'm very grateful for these few brief months of having my own bathroom!

I am sorry about the glitch and the roughness of your days. I am happy that you were able to find some solace in that snuggleworthy pup. I hope he finds a good home and that your tears dry up :)

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