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I've been going gray since I was 14. Of course, my twin brother has been losing his hair since then. Puts things in perspective. I dye it every 5-6 weeks. I wish I could give it up, but I'm not secure enough in this industry to do so. Someday, I'll have a beautiful head of mostly white hair and I'll let it go natural. I look forward to it.

Apparantly grey is like totally fashion-forward these days.Kate Moss, Tavi (13 yr old fashion icon), they're all dying their hair grey.

So you're extremely trendy ! It looks wicked!


Your hair looks gorgeous with your eyes. I hope my grey hair matches me.

I'm lucky enough to have blonde'ish' hair. Very blonde as a kid. Now, I highlight in summer and 'lowlight' in winter. That blends the gray pretty well. When I let it run it's course, it looks like I don't own shampoo! Yours doesn't look like that. It looks like you frosted it, very natural. And very pretty with your eye color.

Vanity sucks. But, I'm infested with it. And I hate the inventors of make-up. Oh, how much extra sleep I could get in the morning... if I could just NOT care!

Go you! What a great decision. This ties in with you becoming very "L.A." -- because this is one thing you can stop doing to save yourself the trouble! I've never colored my hair (I'm also not graying yet) because I knew if I did it once, I'd never go back, and I wasn't ready to commit to the money and time. Also, I feel pretty strongly that we were meant to live in the bodies we were born in. I love your gray!

I've been coloring my hair since my senior year in high school, and despite the fact that I eat organic, buy phosphate free detergent, and only use green cleaners in my home.. I cannot stop coloring!!

By the way, your eyebrow looks fabulous in that photo. Magazine fabulous. Model fabulous. Whoever is shaping them is doing a kick ass job.

I think it's beautiful too! As is the wisdom and self-acceptance to let it go. You are an inspiration!

OH! I hate you! I agree with Joanna about your eyebrows, they rock!! And your eyes are beautiful too. OK, I DO color my hair and I'm definitely NOT a vain person but mine doesn't look like yours does. I have about the same amount, maybe a little more, but mine is wiry and not at all the same texture as my regular hair. Coloring it seems to tame it a bit and settle it down.....or maybe it's just not as noticeable because it's all the same color.

I can't really afford to have someone do it for me so I just have to use a box of L'Oreal every 6 weeks or so. Nothing fancy(highlights) either, just the color. blech

Anyway, I love how yours looks!!

Since my wedding one year ago tomorrow, I've been letting my grey shine through little by little. My husband doesn't seem to even notice it and claims he doesn't care if I go completely grey.

This year I've gone from all over color with highlights to only getting a mix of high/low lights about three to four times a year. It looks a bit more natural as my hair grows too quickly to keep the grey at bay any other way. Plus, when I do all over color it begins to look kind of orangish. I hate paying money for glow in the dark hair.

While it's sprinkled throughout, I have some wide streaks of silver at the front. Aging is a serious adjustment. :(

I just started coloring my hair a few months ago, mostly because my super-dark hair looked blah and needed a pick-me-up. Covering up the grey -- actually bright silver -- was a bonus. I went red, now I'm into a light chestnut. It looks good on me, but already I'm sick of the maintenance required and thinking of going back.

I've been known to do henna or semipermanent color, but on the whole, I try to avoid anything that requires a patch test :). Fortunately, I inherited my father's hair color, not my mother's. I have some streaks and an increasing sprinkling of gray, but if my father and grandfather are anything to go by, I won't be completely gray at 80. Whereas my kid brother is pretty close to it now.

I think that looks GREAT!!

I dyed my hair from the time I was 15 til the time I had JR. I've done black, red, blonde, crazy blonde, and everything in between. When I had JR, at first I was lazy and knew I wouldn't have time to keep it up. Then I realized we might have the same hair color, and that was kinda cute to me. And I decided I might be done with it.

I started to go grey, just a little bit, a few years ago. Did not bother me at all - I like to dye my hair as an accessory. Going grey is just another interesting color I have not tried yet! All the women in my hair go silver very gracefully, so I'm totally going to embrace it.

In theory.

Ask me again in a few years.

I made it to the age of 40 without coloring my hair...but that's getting ready to change. I have light brown hair and the gray hair is finally starting to show BIG time. I don't want to totally cover the gray, but it needs to be tamed.

I had baby Stella about a year ago. This may sound totally lame, but I don't want Stella to feel like she has an old mom...how sad is that! I want to reflect the way I feel!

Good luck with getting pregnant! It really is a mind blowing wonderful experience...sometimes I totally miss it!

Joan-- Yeah... It does bum me out that Ill have a kid (hopefully!) who never knows me as NOT having gray hair. Honestly, that may be the only thing that ever gets me to color my hair again. So thanks for reminding me that if I do go back to coloring, I dont have to go all the way-- I can just tame it! (Also, I LOVE the name Stella.)

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