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From one down-with-a-bug to another, I'm sending you some healthy happy butterflies so you'll be well and happier soon. And none of them are red or pink.


Thank you, and right back atcha! Feel better soon-- S.


I think this is the problem with Valentine's Day -- it's pitched to couples, when it should be love for everyone. Like the non-denominational holiday cheer of December when charities make 40% of their yearly donations. If only we all celebrated like the elementary school kids, with a day of sugar-filled debauchery and heart cards en masse.

Hope you feel better soon Sarah! I chose to celebrate "love" in general (rather than with a significant other, because I don't have a significant other right now!). I tried to tell everyone who is special to me just how much I love them. Not sure if my tween sisters appreciated it but acknowledging the day (rather than hiding from it as I usually do) made me feel as if I wasn't been excluded because no one sent me roses.

Hope you feel better soon!!

I'm actually currently coupled, but the party of the second part has no interest in holidays. So we did have a nice weekend, but I don't think he'd have remembered it was Valentine's Day at all if I hadn't mentioned it, and there were no cards or chocolates or anything. If it hadn't been on a weekend, I daresay I wouldn't have seen him at all.

OMGosh, I think I have started this reply twice and then lost it somehow. Short attention span due to pain meds for my knee I guess. LOL

OK you need to take a more offensive approach to these bugs you are getting. You are officially getting more than the average person I think.

I'm going to suggest a few things that may seem like a bit ummm paranoid but if it keeps you well, it'll be worth it.
Buy SEVERAL bottles of Purell, Germ-X, whatever brand you desire. Several.

Put one in your car. Put it right inside the door you mostly open first. If you make it a habit to open a back door to drop in a tote or laptop most of the time, then put the bottle there. Don't bring germs into your car. I have a bottle inside the back hatch of my Expedition and when I pick my kids up they stash their backpacks there and they use the Germ-X before getting in the car. I also put groceries in that part of the car so I'll load the groceries and then use it afterwards.

Speaking of shopping...If you are shopping somewhere that you have to use a cart...use the clorox wipes most stores leave near the carts and wipe off where you put your hands to push. Yeah, you might look paranoid but less germy! :-)

Keep a bottle by the front door. When you come in the house, use it. When the delivery guy delivers something that you have ordered...use it!

Keep a bottle on your desk. Keep a bottle of spray lysol in your office just in case someone sneezy comes in for a visit. Spray a light mist on the chair, table, doorknob etc. Don't assume everyone you shake hands with during the day actually washes their hands.....what if someone has just dropped their sickly snot-nosed kid off at Grandma's house and hasn't washed up since hugging the little booger goodbye? Shake her hand, better yet hug her.....NOT. ewww.

I guess what I'm really trying to tell you is.....look around. Think about where you might potentially be getting these bugs and just change a few things that might help you avoid them.
Oh, buy some Vitamin C drop to suck on!

I hope you feel better very soon. My NOOK finally came and I LOVE it but haven't even really had a chance to check out all that it does. It's been a Godsend, along with my laptop, for helping me recover from this surgery.

Take care lady!!!

Welcome back! Im so glad the surgery went well, and I hope you have a quick, painless-as-possible recovery! I love your comment, and I actually JUST went to Rite-Aid and bought two bottles of Purell and Germ-X. Im going to be using them constantly from here on out. Because I am SO over this sickness thing! Enough already!!!! Time to be healthy!

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