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Yes, I have. And I find that though, like popular culture, life intervenes and interrupts, the friendships endure. Something about having shared those years with my friends has made them intense and lifelong. There are only a handful, but whenever we are together we are instantly back in the place where we are intimate and comfortable and relaxed. And no matter how out of touch we fall, I know they will be there if I need something. And though they may not be as in sync with my daily life as some of my more recent friends, they have the history and that is worth a lot.
I'm smiling remembering these special friends now! Thank you!

Hm. Interesting. I feel the opposite about college. I feel nostalgic for it because I was SO myself there. I was the person I want to be -- honest, fun, working hard. It's fun to see college friends to remind ourselves how far we've come, and to see how everyone's grown -- what they've done with themselves -- but it also reminds me of the potential I had then. But I just felt so comfortable in that place, in a place cut off from the real world, where I could really be me.

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