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I clicked on the link to the Slate site and read the article about how women blame the victim in sexual assault cases. I agree with you Sarah, that article is horrifying.

I am a detective who investigates adult sex crimes. I fight an uphill battle every day. There are so many things society in general does not understand about this crime or people's responses to it.

I started crafting a lofty response to this but decided I would wait until you address this issue directly before clogging this post with my response!! I could literally write a book...

Jenna at Cold Antler Farm rocks! I think I started following her after looking at your blogroll once. She's living one of those lives that we'd probably all at least like to step into for a while and see what it's like.

Can't wait to read the rest you've suggested.

Sandy, that might be a book that needs to be written.


Chris-If I had any idea how to even start a book-I'd do it. It's a little overwhelming. I've been working sex crimes for 13 years and have a pretty solid grasp on victim behavior and the responses of law enforcement in particular and society in general. Most of the books you can find on the topic are ridiculous in their theories or are so technical that the average Joe couldn't understand it. A book about this would have to reach across a wide range of people to be effective...

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