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Ooh, thanks for the reading list. I love new blog recommendations.
I love your blog :-)
I love Nancy Jane Smith and her Live Happier blog, too! Other favorites: Penelope Trunk http://blog.penelopetrunk.com/ for thrill and edgy brilliance and http://thebrightsideproject.com/ is so much fun for their daily cheery giveaway. Maybe you'd enjoy those blogs.
Thank you for the RealDelia blog reminder. I used to read her blog but it had fallen off my radar. So happy to be reacquainted with it.

Thanks for the recommendations! But mostly thanks for commenting because it gave me that chance to check out YOUR blog, which I LOVE! And I am SO going to that hotel in Oregon the first chance I get for a retreat. I always say I'm going to go away for the weekend to focus on a creative project and then I don't, but I think you've finally pushed me over the edge. Thank you!

Thank you! I love reading lists and love Real Delia and Nancy Jane Smith as well.

Love that you're doing this because it helps me find new blogs to read!

Here's one you might like: Little House on the Southern Prairie. Emily just had a baby (you might soon have that in common!) so she's had a few guest posts lately, but her voice is great. It's a real-life take on voluntary simplicity.


I love all of these blogs (Delia and Nancy Jane Smith are close favorites after Gretchen Rubin's Happiness Project)! Also a fan of zenhabits and Therese Borchard's Beyond Blue.

I am missing Rebbeca Littlest (she used to comment on your blog all of the time and then she started her own blog). I hope she is ok!!

I love the Happiness Project and of course Dooce.. but I also get


My 4 year "permalancing" job just ended and this site is preparing me to get back into the freelancer life.

Thanks for the recos of other blogs.

Thanks so much. Honored to be on your list!

Delia Lloyd

Wow, guys, these are GREAT recommendations. My Google Reader is burning up. Thanks!

And Delia, thrilled to have you drop in!

Thank you for putting me on your list. I'm honored!

Good luck with your own world domination plans.

All best,


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