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I DO have big plans coming up. Following what's going on with YOU! haha.

So, are you 50% excited & 50% scared to death?
I hope that it happens the very first try for you.

I also hope in the very near future you are back in that OB's office having a sonogram and seeing something that resembles a Gummi Bear.

You DO have a lot to do pre-baby but it's not like you'll be doing the remodeling and pregnancy shouldn't hamper writing. lol Don't stop writing your blog whatever you do!!!

Good luck to you!


You go girl!! So excited for you and to read/hear more about your journey! I can relate to that feeling of scary excitement as I move through life. It is a wonderful, icky feeling! Whimper and celebrate away!!

Congratulations Sarah! I'm so excited for you!

And Nancy, welcome back from your trip! I missed your blog last week!!

Very exciting! I will definitely be following what happens - and I had the same thought about it happening on the very first try just 'cuz you said it wouldn't!

My big plans are to work out the whole balance between motherhood and working-at-a-job-that-doesn't-thrill-me-while-planning-my-escape thing...

Glad to hear you are moving forward soon! But I hear that it's a bit scary too! Things do tend to sneak up, it seems like you have all this time then bam they are here. For me, the big impending move is literally a move - to the Bay Area at the end of this week. soooo, lots of feelings about that including excitement, sadness leaving friends, fear over the unknown, hope for all the new possibilities with dance/theatre/movement and maybe, in not too long, trying to conceive again! Best Wishes to you, Kristina

Kristina- Wow, you have a lot going on, too! So jealous you're moving to the Bay Area. I love it up there... and so close to Napa! Good luck with the move and all of your new possiblilities! Best, Sarah

I'm so glad you commented because it gives me a chance to tell you how much I appreciate your blog! Your post about feeling heavy will be on my weekly reading list tomorrow-- it really, really struck a chord.

Finishing this feature. Wondering whether or not to job hunt for the fall, now that I have this parenting thing somewhat under control (hahahahaha).

I think you should expect it to happen the very first time, really, why not? It happened to me even before the very first time (ha ha) and the very first time the second time!!!

I can't stand it, I am so excited for you, Sarah! I'm excited for me, too, because I get to hear about your journey. Being a mom is amazing. Being pregnant is totally mind-blowingly-awesome. You are on the cusp of both rides. I LOVE it!

I had my son three weeks after my first novel came out. It was insane. I had fifteen minutes between the first thirty radio interviews to feed him before the second thirty radio interviews. And you know what? I did it. You will, too. And it will be fantastic.

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