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Congratulations Sarah! Yesterday morning I was on the subway on my way to work and this little boy (he was probably about 3) was having pure fun. he kept giggling and smiling and he made my commute SO happy. His happiness in riding the overcrowded "2" train in Manhattan made me happy to be riding the train with him. What made me even happier was that he gave me a high "5" on his way off the train. Pure joy.

I am so addicted to Band Hero! But I'm jealous of you because I have never gotten 100% on the medium level. I get in the 90's, but I can't get higher. I think I psych myself out. I always mess up near the end. I get so excited that I'm doing so well and then BOOM! I make a mistake. I can only do the guitar though. I totally suck on the drums. I could sing, but my family would kill me. I can't carry a tune in a bucket!

Girl, are you playing by yourself or do you have other band members?

I have to stay away from our video games systems. I know if I started a game I'd just get addicted and not get anything done.

"surprisingly fun"......can't think of anything right now which sounds sort of pathetic. LOL I'll have to see what kind of fun I can stir up. :-)

Congratulations on your band-ing success! There is something so pure and joyful to me about making music, even if it's singing along to the radio. Seems like I aught to get myself Band Hero!

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