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Wow, are you excited or nervous? Or both?

Hey there. Glad it was a pretty easy(?) process. I still do not understand how things like eggs and sperm can be frozen and used later. It's so weird. LOL

Blessings to you!! Chris

I thought about you, knowing this was happening. Fingers are crossed.

Cheering you on!

THinking good thoughts for you and for the success of this endeavor.

Ah, so it does really begin. If this time works, YAY! If it doesn't, you've got your first procedure, your first two week wait, your first blood test, etc. under your belt. You'll feel that much more confident, comfortable, and relaxed the next time. And as Everyone Knows, if you just relax, you'll get pregnant. :)

Both excited and nervous for you! I think it was wise to think about mechanics and not Everything Else for today. You've given plenty of thought to the hugeness of the rest of us, and sometimes you need a break from that.

Cheering for you up here in Canada! I think you'll make an excellent mom! :)

Interesting! One of the reasons I decided not to try to knock myself up was because it seemed so icky, it's funny to hear from you that it wasn't really that bad (so far). Hope it stays easy for you the whole way through!

Ohhh this is exciting news!!

Yay, go, little spermies, go!!! Fingers crossed all the way...

Oh my, if I was a prayin' person I'd so be prayin' for you... but I'm just a hoping person- so I'll be hoping extra hard!

Friend of mine from Boston, tried and tried - wasn't until she came to sunny laid-back California, that she had success. You are already ahead of the game. Good luck!

Yay! Good luck!

Best of luck with this round Sarah, keeping fingers crossed for you :). Glad it wasn't too overwhelming for you. I think it is our natural response to 'go through the motions' at times and not think about the enormity of everything. We'd all be insane if we did that!

I'm going to go through this process starting in May or June! I love reading about your experience. Why 20 minutes with your head tilted down?

Rebecca-- I think its to help the sperm go the right direction. I dont know that theres any actual evidence that it really makes a difference, but it is kind of nice! For me, it was mostly an opportunity to have a little time to think positive thoughts.

Never underestimate the power of gravity. :-)

A good cervix is indeed a good sign! :)

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