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Too bad we can't ask about all the great TV, because I am admittedly curious about many things... but I always love to hear about what other writers are willing to share about the writing experience itself, the good times, the writer's block, the how... it's different for everyone but yet always inspiring. The difference between writing novels and TV.

Have a good day! :)

Hmmm... I've read you rave about your neighborhood before. Maybe there's something there? (The restaurants, the energy...) Along the same lines, are you a people watcher at all? (To clarify: obviously I don't mean creepy people watcher. ;) I find people do the most amusing and sometimes shocking things. (NYC subways... full of shocking people, for instance. :) But, there's usually something to glean from the things you see. A moral, a humorous story...

I also find it humorous when you talk about your adventures, (or dare I say, misadventures?), of being single. Self-pity aside, (rule #2), I'm sure you've got some good/funny material there.

Hmmm... Final idea, similar to #1: I've never been to LA, so I really couldn't say. But, I've always heard a lot about how crazy people are out there. Not being an LA native (by birth), I'm sure you could write impartially about "them". (Everyday stuff: work, commute, recreation, etc.) Again, maybe it's just me, but I find the things people do absolutely hilarious, fascinating, and sometimes a bit unsettling.

Those ideas probably aren't too helpful. I'm not too good at that sort of thing. But, if it's any consolation, I never noticed you run short on topics. In fact, I've been rather impressed at all of the new material you churn out.

I have to agree with Kate although I don't normally post on your blog I love reading it (that's probably not very good of me so will promise to comment more....) and find it really interesting...

I've only been to LA briefly but it fascinates me and is somewhere I definitely want to visit. I'm from Ireland so it not just somewhere I can pop to anytime! I would love to hear more about the people there - plastic surgery etc fascinates me! I gather is just second nature there (of course not to EVERYONE I'm sure!!) but their obsession and desperate need to stay "young looking" amazes me! I'm sure you have come across it a lot in your line of work

Anyway maybe this helps - I always enjoy reading!

I love when you share your book, movie, food recommendations!

While usually a lurker here, I've been reading you for awhile and - like everyone above - it doesn't seem like you have problems coming up with stuff to write about!

I know that I enjoy it when blogs I read point to me OTHER blogs to read (that's how I ended up here)... I'm always looking for fresh views and new things to read to keep Google Reader chock full o' things to keep me occupied when work isn't interesting enough.

Keep up the great work!

Stupid things done in youth.
Your previous jobs/careers that weren't writing.

I don't know... pictures of Jack are pretty awesome too.

I would love to read more about your experiences/preparations leading up to your decision to have a baby. Are there websites, support groups, books, etc. that you can recommend? I have long thought about doing the same (hopefully I haven't waited too long!), but fear and lack of a support network have held me back (my mom's reaction to the notion was "Can you imagine your life without your father!").

I so admire your courage to go for your dreams. You'll be a fantastic mother I'm sure.

Wait, there was a Lie to Me episode that everyone hated? I feel so out of the loop - I loved them all. But seriously, I would love to read more about your remodeling project that's soon to occur or happening right now? See you need to write more about it, I don't know which it is.

And Kate, you can find your own support network, don't let your mom run your life. Instead of imagining life without your father, imagine no life at all.

More about the current baby process. Are you reading baby books? Taking regular tests? Details, please.

Have you discussed what went into buying sperm? Errr, rather, picking out your preferred donors. Or has that part not happened yet? I guess I only have a vague understanding of that part of the process. I just remember my friends (who just had their twins this past Friday, YAY!) jokingly sharing their donor selection process. Besides the obvious things, they were looking for donors who seemed to have same coloring, etc., as the non-carrying mommy so as to increase the chances of the kids resembling both of them. And I remember Bette and Tina on The L Word doing the same. Aside from the fact that I get my info about these things partially from fictional characters, I'm curious if you have specific things you're looking for in a donor or not.

I'm with Ericka ... I'm looking forward to the remodeling saga! Bring it on, Babycakes!! ("Babycakes?" Do I know you well enough to call you "babycakes?" I feel like I do, but mostly via this blog thing. Hmmm ... I hope it's okay that you're now "Babycakes" in my book.

Your blog is the greatest. I always really enjoy hearing about your individual relationships -- parents, extended family, WP of course, friendships with various women. How about more about your assistant who is such a character? :)

Oh my gosh I can't figure out things to blog about on my own blog and now you want me to give YOU ideas too? LOL just kidding.

I'd love to hear about the remodeling definitely.

Your journey to get pregnant, of course, but only what you feel comfortable sharing. I was once a community moderator on a vasectomy/tubal ligation reversal board. Some people aren't shy to put all the gory details out there and others would rather just share general stuff. :-)

I'd love to hear more about you growing up in KC, but that's just me maybe. I'd like to hear how a gal from near here ended up in LA doing the things you do.

Honestly, I'll be reading whatever you do write......just don't stop. :-)


I love your blog, too. It's always interesting, sometimes inspiring, and I usually get a laugh or two. What's not to love?? But I could use more coverage of your adventures in cooking. I'm addicted to these blogs: serious eats, cakespy, bakerella, wednesday chef, and smittenkitchen. I can't get enough of reading about other people's adventures in cooking & baking...I'm trying to become a better cook, but it's hard to find time with a one year old (that is a warning...do it now!).

Have you thought about recommending children's or young adult books? I read to Stella every night. She usually requires 2 books. It's difficult to find books that I actually enjoy reading.

Terrific ideas, Joan-- thanks!!

Joan do you follow this blog?


Chris -- OMG, such beautiful photos. Thanks for the suggestion. I follow it now!

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