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I can't reply at all until I say....I love Vladstudio! LOL

I love that quote, and I kinda needed to read it again right about now...I realize that I'm playing pretty big by a lot of people's estimates by taking on the single mom thing, but I know in my heart of hearts that I'm playing small in terms of what I'm capable of. Time to take it up a notch!

We had a rabbit in a backyard hutch when I was growing up in Brooklyn, they're really not that hard to take care of.

Nancy Jane Smith's piece was great and I LOVE what you added to it. I look forward to checking out all on your list today!

I have to say I've never heard that quote but I absolutely love it.

Blessings, C

Just wanted to add Amen, Amen, Amen. That is one of my favorite quotes as well and you are totally right--staying humble is AS damaging as beating ourselves up. Thanks for the reminder and thank you for the link love :)

Hi Liz-- I had rabbits when I was a kid, too! Snow and Chocolate Charlotte. Every now and then they would somehow get out of their pen, and we'd find them hanging out with the cats. Crazy. But in the urban farming world people are raising rabbits for food! Supposedly it's really good, ecologically. But I just don't think I could kill and eat a rabbit I'd raised since it was a baby bunny. I'd end up with a thousand rabbits in my back yard!

I love this quote! Thanks Sarah. Also love Nancy Jane's column yesterday (in fact all of her posts this week have been fab, or even more fabulous than usual!!)

I'm totally crushing on Roger Ebert, too. His profile in Esquire really drew me in. I follow his tweets...and I adore that he tweets late at night! ;)

I love your reading list posts! Thanks so much. And fantastic quote as well.

YAY, BABYCAKES!! Thanks! You brighten my day every day.

Jeanne asking if she can call you Babycakes makes me think that your baby is going to need a "womb name". LOL Like you referred to little Jack as Mixed Nuts.(though I think I missed out somewhere on where that nickname came from).

I'm thinking it might have to be Little Starfish. We'll see. :-)

I love the permission to ignore the news. It's so hard to quit.

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