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Awesome!! I want to a see a pic of those cabinets when they are in/done.

The Moroccan tiles are wonderful as well!
I bet it will all look beautiful! How nice that it's started and "cruising" along.

Just a thought....how long will the windows be out? I'd be a bit freakish about that.

Take care and keep coming with the remodel updates. It's inspiring!

Blessings, C

I love your new look. Are you going to put screens up on the windows? I can't wait to see it.

I sent Uncle Jim's ashes to the ocean yesterday. It was the final goodbye. I know he would love being part of the sea.

Love AG

Super jealous of you. That is all.

You needed this picture for this post.


I just stumbled on your blog at 3am because a certain little person doesn't know she needs to sleep though the night. Anyway, I'm also a 38 year old single mother by choice, who after a load of fertility treatments and a hail Mary IVF gave birth to my daughter March of last year. I remember picking out my first donor with my mom and sister. In the end, the one that worked was my own choosing. She's great even when I want to sit in the garage and cry. As a single gal with a decent income I'm jealous of you, because your job is way cooler than mine. Good luck!


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