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I love Modern Love, read it every week (partly because I think it makes me a better writer). But I didn't much care for that column. Glad to hear it resonated with you! That's the great thing about having a different author write it every week -- there's always a new perspective.

I LOVE Modern Love column. It's the first thing I read every Sunday morning.

I'm so honored to have made the list this week! Thanks!

I liked the end of the NYT piece, because I really do believe that we get to choose the stories we make up about ourselves and the things that happen in our lives.

Love the links but I feel I must comment on the ad. haha

Zeo Personal Sleep Coach? OMGosh! So if I wear the headband to sleep and keep a log then my sleep coach will tell me why I'm still tired? Will it tell me why I end up on the couch most nights??

So, I'm going to pay $349 for something to tell me I need to

1. Quit snoring so hubby will not run me off to the couch.
2. NOT let my kids get in our bed in the middle of the night and push me out.

Yeah no.

I can relate to the Modern Love article, as The Difficult Child in my family. (I'm being nice. The actual label is much worse.) I, too, can't figure out why my husband likes me sometimes, much less chose to spend his life with me. My kids are stuck with me and I wonder if they like me because I've lost my temper a few times. Should we save for college or therapy?

It's hard to have the Difficult Child label and know that it's true, but it's still your temperament. The good thing is, once you have kids and see how much of you is inborn, it's easier to accept your own inborn temperament.

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