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I've been fantasizing about getting married and having children since I was in junior high, but over the years I've become increasingly afraid that in order to be in a relationship I have to give up being myself (and my current boyfriend is reinforcing that fear bigtime). I've been in two serious relationships, one in college and one in graduate school, dated a great many men, and have been dating the current one for five and a half months, which is probably the longest I've dated anybody since 1996. I grew up with a younger brother, and I just don't tend to worship men the way they seem to want to be worshiped. But I still kind of feel like a failure as an "old maid", especially since it's not like I sacrificed having a family in order to pursue some exciting and important career--I have a job, but it's not particularly high-paying and I don't like it that much, and my life revolves around other things (but not, apparently, around my boyfriend to the extent he's looking for).

You go sista, well put I like your style

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    • L.A. 2009. I’m stuck in traffic on the 101 freeway, listening to Isabella Rosselini on NPR. Isabella, for some reason, mentions that starfish are one of those rare species that can reproduce asexually, and I realize that if I could do that, I wouldn't have to worry about finding a boyfriend/husband. I wouldn’t have to internet date! I wouldn't have to figure out if I want to/can/should have a baby/adopt a baby/child on my own. I wouldn't have to stress about things like FSH levels, or weigh my feelings on in vitro versus adoption. I would just have a baby. Thus began my starfish envy.
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