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My first OB was very anti-aged cheeses. When I asked my second OB about it, he blinked at me like I'd asked if I should still breathe air.

My diet for the last three weeks of pregnancy #2 was pasta/carbs and coffee, seasoned with the occasional Percocet. I had endless blinding migraines and nausea, burgeoning pre-eclampsia, and that's what I could work with. My father-in-law told the family therapist he (honestly) thought my child and I were in mortal danger. Yet their granddaughter is brilliant and gorgeous. Whatevs.

Just be ready to have EVERYONE throw their opinion of what you "should" and "should not" be eating, drinking, doing, wearing, reading, listening to, watching, lifting, looking at, breathing in, thinking about, having applied, having removed, etc. after you get pregnant.

(I'm talking EVERYONE including the homeless woman at CVS who walked alllllllllll the way to the back of the store to the pharmacy to tell me, "Why don't you pick up your baby and put him on your shoulder so he'll stop crying?" at 2AM when we'd just left the Emergency Room and were having the prescription filled for our screaming infant's yeast infection)

Good times await....

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