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Wow girl it's looking great! The tile backsplash looks wonderful. Will they paint the cabinets blue still??
Finding the perfect home for the KitchenAide is VERY important. lol I named mine when I got it and the whole family actually refers to her by name. Betty.

I did have a question about over the stovetop. Do you not use a conventional hood with fan/light above the stovetop?

Anyway, it's looking great. Can't wait to see the final "after" pics!!

Blessings, C

Had the kitchen remodel a few years ago. Now...
Going through the knock on wood master bath remodel. I said it had to be finished by April 15, because that is the start of my gardening season. And when I am done everyday, every bone in my body is screaming in pain and I NEED MY TUB.
Well, it's April 23 and I STILL NEED MY TUB!

Ah, yes, Exactly the Right Place! I love the idea of that. I've been trying to get rid of roughly half my possessions so that everything that's left can go in exactly the right place, instead of shoved wherever I can make it fit. It's a grueling process for a packrat, but totally worth it. I'm loving seeing the progress, and I am going to live vicariously through you as you unpack and put everything away (and post pictures for us, of course)!

Looks perfect Sarah! You must be so pleased!! ENJOY

you're right Sarah,
your cabinets and woodwork you're having are amazing!
gorgeous home improvements!
your home looks everyday better!

the unmistakable signature of Ryan Sanderson's work,
..the little, precious "convex corner" he makes on each of his cabinets.. it's unique.

from his biggest fan , his wife Sophie

Ha! Sophie, its nice to sort of meet you! I understand Ryans not the only talented one in the family...

thank you! I hope maybe one day to have the nice to meet you in the real life :)
good luck for everything, I know what means fight to have a baby.

Now wasn't the previous reply odd. LOL I think maybe you typed the word "wood" too many times? LOL j/k


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