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In the dog sport world, we call dogs like Moose your "heart dog." You guys are lucky to have each other!

Dogs are the best. The world would be such an empty place without them. Well, I know mine would.

Looking forward to seeing pics of Moose's next beach outing! :)

I'm SO envious. I love big dogs but they don't seem to like our family. We can't seem to train them right or something.

My mini daschunds are fine little girls but my golden retriever is out of control. If I let her in the house she'd jump from the couch to the floor to the coffee table, back to the couch. etc etc.

I would love to have my golden act like your moose.....so jealous.
Sounds like you both are having a wonderful time.

Blessings, C

He sounds adorable! The perfect dog :)

We have two pretty sweet big dogs around here, but our animal like that is Clyde the cat. When one of my girls is crying -- even if it's in the throes of an all out fit -- he comes and cuddles them.

Delurking here just to tell you how much I've enjoyed your super-sweet Ode to Moose. I know exactly how you feel - I have a simil-Moose myself, her name is Giulietta, we've rescued from a shelter when she was 7 years old. She was scared of pretty much everything in the beginning but quickly she overcame her fears and then turned into THE DOG, just like you said: sweet, patient, smart, fun... I love & appreciate her even more since we adopted, one year later, a dachshund from the same shelter: we thought that since we did such an AMAZING JOB with the first (yeah, we used to take credit for her! Silly us!), the second was going to be a walk in the park - well, turned out we were wrong, Groove (the dachshund) is a mean, mean creature (whom we enjoy very much nonetheless, of course). So well, yes, you and me are truly blessed with our dogs. At least with some of them :))

Moose is pure-bred California Roadside--I have a Louisiana Roadside...they would be DFF's. Roadsides are wise and grateful and joyful and, think about it... they really picked us. Those things don't just happen.

Run and play,

How cool.

I read a poem once that had a line about the poet's dog, where the poet referred to the dog as, "The dog of my life." I've since lost the poem, and can't sleuth it out via google searches. But I'll never forget that line. Because I have a "dog of my life," (my mini dachshund, Padme). And it sounds like you do, too. Lucky us!

I love that dog. And the scar on my knee from our little non-escapade is almost completely gone now! Kisses to him and stinky old Chloe too.

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