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Ah! I LOVE FNL. And I'm not a huge TV person. There aren't that many shows I don't want to miss. But that's one of them!

I loved the movie, but never gave the show a chance. I gotta say, I love the name. Good luck!

LOL Coach Taylor Fain eh? Too funny. I have to admit I've never seen one episode of FNL. I do love to watch whole seasons of shows on DVD though. I watched the first 3 seasons of 24 in a very short time. It'd be 2am and we'd go "ok, just ONE more and then we'll stop". lol

I would love to have a new show to watch. I've just this year started really using my DVR and watching the things that I want to watch during the day when I am the only one home. Previously if the husband wasn't interested in watching something then I'd just forget about it. This year though I started recording Parenthood and Life Unexpected and I've realized that it is possible for me to watch those shows that only interest me.

So, because of your enthusiasm I'm going to look for Season 1 and start watching FNL. I'll let you know what I think.

Blessings, C

Chris-- Woo hoo! Hope you LOVE it!

Love, LOVE watching entire seasons on DVD, and was so excited when my sister-in-law sent me the third season of FNL. Enjoy!!

never seen FNL, but Taylor is a good name -- for a boy or a girl ;-)

Liked the movie but haven't seen the show.

Taylor is a good name... also has family significance. :)

OMG. I am SO envious.

Love Coach Taylor. And any child who is named Coach Taylor Fain is only destined to be a great motivator. (LOL!)

That would make me jump up and down and scream with delight. I say get rid of those pesky teenagers and just make the show about the (adult) Taylors. Big crush on both of 'em. Huge.

Mmmm... Kyle Chandler...

Please forward said box set to me as soon as you're done. Thanks. I'll be standing at my mailbox holding my breath.



I am sooooo jealous. I am watching the third season one episode at an agonizing time. Love Coach Taylor. Love Buddy now too (he laid the smack down this week!)

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