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LOL so, your arms weren't long enough anymore? I knew I had to get them when I had to hold things far away to read them.

After a few years I went to the eye doctor and there I found out that I needed bifocals. You know you're old when you need bifocals!!

You're only as old as you feel. ;-) Yeah, I hate that little phrase sometimes...most of the time...ok, ALL the time. I feel like I'm 80 so what does that mean? LOL

Blessings, C

you are not old. you getting prepared. instructions on children's medications are in teeny, tiny print. you will also need a pair in a kitchen drawer. here's to good news in your near future!


If you wrench your back while applying wrinkle cream, THEN you're old.

LOL If you wrench anything at all then you're old! LOL

Actually if you USE the word wrench in a sentence then you are definitely old!!
No comment here on the wrinkle cream...and no mention of gray hair either. Sarah I know you have embraced your gray but I'm not ready for that just yet. I'm not even vain at all really but being all gray scares me.

Blessings, C

I need to get some more. I've been sort of getting by with one pair, but then I have to go look for them when I need them.

Ah yes, reading glasses are a terrible and wonderful thing. Imagine how dorky I look, reading in bed after I've taken my contacts out, wearing my normal glasses, and then a pair of cheaters on top. !!!

No not old..I have gotten bifocals (now that is old) they are very expensive and I lose them all the time. So I stick with the drug store ones!

no ... just an avid reader! AVID.

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