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Le Sigh. I wish this were easier for you.

I will send happy & hopeful vibes your way today.

I am super impressed you can give yourself shots! I get wobbly and woozy just looking at that syringe. Eeeek!

Sarah, it sounds like you have a LOT going on right now.

Way to go on self-injecting. Hoping the 2ww isn't horrible. It's not really two weeks these days though is it? Seems like with the new pregnancy test that let you test so early, it's shortened the wait up at least a little bit.

I just really think this is going to happen for you. Soon. Stay positive.

Do you have any remodel news for us? Do you have a timeline as to when it will all be done? I'm sure you'll be happy to have that one thing out of the way.

Take care!!!

Blessings, C

Chin up, and think happy.

On another note, did you see the Maureen Dowd column in the NYT today? Made me think of your comments about singledom a while back...



Wishing you luck!

I admire you can self-inject. This month will be my first cycle and I'm counting on my neighbor across the street (an ER doctor home w/ newborn twins) to shoot me up.

Sarah - I'm right there with you, literally. Our IUIs are only a couple days off from each other...in fact I'm going in today.
I think the most important thing during this TTC phase is staying focused on things we love (now that you greedily watched the entire season of FNL, I don't know if you have much to look forward to - during this month's TTW - ha!).
Seriously though, it's easy to get consumed by baby-making. You just have to work to not let that happen, which from reading your blog, it seems you're doing a nice job of that.
Anyway, here's to hoping this is the last time you'll be IUIing this year!!!

Meg-- Good luck!! To us both!

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