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1. My Twilight books
2. My car...not a big deal to some but it is to me
3. Air conditioner
4. Nude lip gloss
5. Computer so I could type my stories
6. BioSilk Serum because it helps when it comes to humidity and my hair
7. Netbook...it crashes but it's still ok
8. Fight Club dvd...just because
9. The homemade iced tea I made
10. Twitter...ya know when it's not down

Oh, I covet your Dyson. Our vacuum just broke and I wanted desperately to get one, but we've had a lot of unforeseen expenses at our house lately and I couldn't justify it. But next time, for sure.

I love our ice cream maker. I was amazed at how easy it was to use. Ours is just white, so not as cute as yours, but the ice cream is surely just as delicious, right? : )

I have to think about my favorite things and get back to you!

In no particular order, 10 things I love:
1. Necco wafers.
2. Water with cucumber and orange slices like how Burke-Williams does it.
3. My red cowboy boots that aren't really cowboy boots since they're from Chinese Laundry.
4. Both my kids' temples, which are soft and sweet and perfect for kissing.
5. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (the book, not the movie which I've never seen).
6. A freshly changed and made-up bed.
7. Snapdragons.
8. That 4 Minutes song by Justin Timberlake and Madonna. I can't deny it. I love that song.
9. The ability to walk in flip-flops (I used to not have it).
10. My one, tiny tattoo.

Oh crap, just realized this was supposed to be about things, all THINGS. Adding to the list: Mr. Clean Magic Sponge, a baby grand piano, any Bumble & Bumble hair product, Big Star jeans, the iPhone, my Snuggie (I know, I know), and the turquoise cube thing with a lid that my kids put their shoes in.

1. Keurig coffee pods (my favorite flavor is chocolate glazed donuts)
2. Sunday morning reading the NY Times
3. Strech class at the gym on Saturday
4. Friday Night Lights (best show ever as I've said before)
5. The book The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
6. The song Beautiufl by Carol King
7. Walks on the beach at dawn
8. Chapstick from Fresh (Rose flavor is so good!)

The link to the sunscreen takes me to the ice cream maker.

1. Naps
2. The beach
3. Combine

1. Pop Chips
2. Cold club soda before bed
3. Kiehl's lip balm
4. Adidas running shoes
5. Lost (sniff)
6. My 20 year old Kenmore sewing machine
7. Dachshunds
8. My soon to be purchased IPhone 4
9. Caress Tahitian Renewal Body Wash
10. Paris in the spring

I haven't had enough coffee yet this morning to list the things I love. But, when you are ready to try your ice cream maker, you must go to epicurious and find the recipe for salted caramel ice cream and make it. (I added a pinch more salt than recipe called for but otherwise followed exactly). Best ice cream ever. Seriously, ever! And if you serve it over warm brownies, it will truly blow your mind.

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