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shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! LOL I'm trying to avoid anything about FNL since I'm only on Season 1.


what helped me give up refined sugar was really dark chocolate (more than 70% cacao -- it still has some sugar in it but my holistic doctor says the antioxidant benefit outweighs, and you can find it without refined sugar) -- that takes care of my chocolate needs. And then I eat unsweetened nut butters, like sunflower seed butter or almond butter (Trader Joe's) -- which are very delicious and taste sweet once you're off sugar.

And -- Friday Night Lights, right? I actually have the credits to join ATAS, and just haven't done the application and now am kicking myself because I want those FNL DVD's. We're living in such a wonderful time to be watching (and making) television.

To kick myself out of some ruts and in an effort to build momentum toward big changes, I adopted a mantra this year: Change the way you do things.

Appetite is officially whet. Now can I borrow FNL S4? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaze?

Ok I have to reply again. Concerning FNL. I'm on Season 1, episode 8. *ahem* watched 3 episodes this evening.

The worst part about watching DVDs (or in my case Instant Netflix) is that unless you are watching it with a friend or family member there is no one to "gossip' about it with.

You can't meet around the proverbial water cooler in the morning and be all "OMGod! DID YOU JUST LOVE FNL LAST NIGHT???!!!!".

Oh well. I WILL be enjoying it on my own regardless. I think I have time for one more ep, or two, before bedtime.

Peace, C

Oh dear, I just left you a comment about how to make the best ice cream ever and now I see that you're giving up refined sugar. I highly recommend waiting till you've tried that ice cream. Then, by all means, give it up.

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