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That's so funny that you would say something again about FNL when I finally just started watching it. It's great. I'm pacing myself because I never want to get to that point where I'm out of DVDs to watch. I abhor commercials. LOL

I also started watching two other shows from their first season/episode. Sons of Anarchy and BONES. Love BONES too!

I'm loving Netflix right now!! So many "instant view" things I never even have to wait for a dvd to come. As a matter of fact I think I'll go watch one more episode before I hit the hay.

Take care! C

Oh, I have to start watching season 4!! I feel the same way about getting drawn in when I watch the DVDs and hating the commercials otherwise. I'm with Chris about loving the Netflix instant view, too. Glad you're losing yourself in FNL. Thanks for recommending other shows, too. Glee's season one DVD is among my top priorities since you started raving about it!

I felt the same way about Thirtysomething when I used to watch it in the late 80's. Even though at the time I was still in my twenties, with a new infant and a lot of angst, I felt as if we were neighbors living on the same street sometimes.

One of the unexpected benefits of living in the UK for me is that some channels/shows have no commercial interruption at all.

i LOVE this show, too. it's the only show i watch right now. usually when i watch television, i have to have some sort of side task -- like responding to e-mail or writing blog posts -- to distract me. but when i watch FNL, all my attention is on the screen!

i'm one of the unlucky ones who watches them as they come out on t.v... waiting for this friday!

Best.show.ever. This season is AMAZING. I just love Matt Serenson. Am hoping Coach Taylor will marry me...

Funny, I was just watching THIRTYSOMETHING yesterday on instant watch.

Those who think FNL is about football are the same ones who thought BATTLESTAR GALACTICA was about a spaceship.

Well I've finished Season 1 and have started Season 2 of FNL.

I hold you personally responsible for me being behind on laundry and the house being not up to par.

This is an awesome. The characters are so real. Loving it!

Peace, C

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