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Yeah, I'd say that last option is your best bet. :-)
Let go of the stressing & obsessing.

Blessings, C

wow you're great grandmother could be Dutch?
That's why I feel connected ;)

that should be your not you're. I know better :)

How about a sperm donor party (in Spanish)? ;)
I think it's amazing that you're doing this at all, and are so committed to it, on top of everything else in your life. Crack open a beer (if that's allowed) and chill...

Delia Lloyd

Very, very provocative.
Does the child mean Everything? Is everything else stupid in comparison?
I could debate these statements endlessly!
I cannot wait to follow your pregnancy -- it's a-coming -- or to see how your story plays out!

Delia-- A beer! Now that sounds like an excellent idea!

Actuary-- Everything? Probably not. But these days it kinda feels like it!

I had the same thought as actuary about whether the child means everything. I want the answer to be both yes and no, mostly because that's how I feel about my son. He is everything to me and yet not. I have to ponder how this is possible so I can explain it more clearly.

Anyway, no matter what you choose, you've got some fun options, pretty much all of which will make for interesting blogging for us to read. : )

A child may end up the most important thing in your life, just not the only thing. Wishing you well this month. Waiting and boredom suck.

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