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These were all interesting reads.

I don't think we need TONS of information on childbirth. I think with my first I took the suggested 6 week lamaze course. I knew pretty much nothing about childbirth prior to that really. But, with the kids after that I just went with whatever happened. I think it's good to know what's going on with your body during labor and delivery though. It's nice to know when you are in transition that you're getting close. etc etc.

I think Real Delia and I might have been separated at birth. I agree with her. Girls are horrid creatures you know. I know when I was growing up I had few girlfriends and more guy friends or friends who all hung out in a group. Girls can be vicious, manipulative, back-stabbing etc etc etc.
My oldest daughter(24) had a "best friend" growing up. They are still friends actually. They started in 1st grade. It was nice and it was ugly. They were either inseparable or not speaking. This went on for years. I think their last big fight was maybe 4 years ago when my daughter met her now husband. They didn't talk for at least 2 yrs. But, just yesterday they were gabbing it up on the phone.

My younger daughter is 9. When she was in 1st grade I remember her coming home from school very upset because her good friend at school said she wouldn't be her friend anymore if she played with other little girls. They start young being nasty, crabby and bossy.
Now of course not ALL girls are like this.

But most are. :-)


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