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Fingers crossed!

Fingers crossed! Knowing what your Plan B is (perhaps IVF for you at this point) was always a big help for me going into a new cycle. If it was a bust (and so many of mine were), I didn't feel completely desperate. I may not have wanted to take one more step down the assisted reproduction path, but if that's what it took, I did it.

fingers crossed. toes crossed. wishing you fireworks.


Yep, it's a good thing to take a month or so off. Sounds like you're ready to go again. I think that considering IVF is a positive thing...not the procedure itself but the fact that you realize and are open to other options if the IUIs are a bust. Don't give up on them yet though. Stay positive.

eggs? viable, schmiable. I don't care what "they" say (who are they anyway?). Women our age get pregnant and have babies every single day. When you do get pregnant and someone refers to you with the term "AMA" tell them "Bite Me!". Advanced Maternal Age my butt.....who determines this stuff?

I will definitely be thinking about you this cycle. Take care!!

Peace, C (sorry about that soapbox I got on. LOL)

fingers and toes crossed, and only thinking good thoughts for you this go-round. with much love, jeanne

Go, Sarah, go!

Hi Sarah! This is exciting! I hope this medicated cycle does the trick.
I know you have access to lots of information, but I wanted to share my blog with you, as it recounts my adventures in my second round of IVF this fall, which didn't work out so well, and in which I will describe my third round of IVF, which I will start in a few weeks.
Not much is going on at the moment, so I'll include a link from the fall. I share this because I wish I had known more about the process before I began it.

Good luck!

Fingers, toes, legs, arms, and eyes crossed. It makes typing much harder though...

Wow, I can't believe your month off is over already! (Though I really hate it when people say that sort of thing to me, but since you said it first, I figure I'm allowed.)

I started off medicated from the first, though I discovered that Clomid doesn't agree with me, and was very happy to switch to Femara and Gonal-F when my RE suggested it. I didn't mind those at all! I also started this process thinking I didn't want to do IVF, but now find myself considering it if my next two IUIs don't work. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who's had a change of heart!

Sending good thoughts your way this cycle!

Fingers crossed and fertile vibes coming your way. You've got the right attitude - You'll do what ever it takes! -
Don't forget to take a patience pill too!!

Good luck this cycle. I'm going for my second IUI - probably first of next week. Lucky for me I'll be in my 2ww over the 4th so I can go visit family... sorry your cycle will impact your plans, I know the feeling.

Did you start with a new RE?

good luck! fingers crossed here!

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