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How easy is it to type on? Could I take it to New Zealand for a few months and use it for writing and blogging? I'm so far from an Apple store here that I have to wait until I am stateside for a visit in July to even see one.

YEA! Good for you!

The Chuckles the Clown episode is indeed a classic, although seriously cringe-inducing (I have always disliked the kind of humor that is based on embarrassment).

Enjoy your gadget :).

Elizabeth-- You could definitely use it for blogging, especially if you get the little wireless keyboard or the keyboard dock. As for regular writing, the jury's still out. I haven't figured out how basic word processing/printing would best be done. I imagine there's a way, I just haven't figured it out yet. (If you do, let me know!)

Oh, I loved Alice back in the day!

I'm trying to stay away from all new gadgets. Therefore have my fingers in my ears and yelling lalalalalal ... while still reading your post!

I was also surprised by how heavy it was. I checked out my friend's, and while I am a little envious, I'm still not quite sold. I feel like something like that, I'd, well, want to HOLD it a lot. And you can't exactly do that. Hopefully you've got a nice little stand so you don't snap your wrists off :-).

It is incredibly beautiful and can do all kinds of cool things. I like the digital book feature a LOT more than I expected to.

Enjoy your time getting to know it!

I bought the ipad and am in love! Which apps are your favorite? I love the e-reader on the ipad so much more than the kindle!

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