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"Am I a soulless, materialistic freak? Let me hear it. I can take it." You are too funny. :) I have an iPhone, and can't live without it. I've drooled over... er... seen the iPad, and would love to get one as well. I'm still not hep on the fact that the iPhone and iPad aren't Flash enabled, though. Also, AT&T's new, reduced coverage plan has me a little annoyed. But, I'm off topic: I say GET IT! :) Then make sure to tell us how much you love it so I can go spend $500 on something I probably don't need... yet. That book feature alone looks like it would make it well worth it for you.

I honestly do NOT stand by and wait for you to blog so I can be one of the first to reply. LOL It's just every time I check your blog, you've just written something new. I think your CA time and my KS time are in some weird sync.

"soulless, materialistic freak?" OMGosh YES you are but so am I!! I want one badly. Badly. Badly. argh. My 25 yr old son just got one and I have played with it. I love it. I'm jealous.

You should definitely get one. You owe yourself a treat. You've had some busy busy months lately. The remodel, the job, the ttc. I think all of those things scream " treat yourself to something really grande!!!".

If it weren't for my finances right now I'm sure I'd have one already....which might explain WHY my finances suck right now. haha

I'll ask my son if there is anything that he doesn't like about it. I doubt there will be. He was pretty informed about them before he bought it so anything "wrong" with it wasn't a deal breaker for him.


Blessings, C

Get it. It's annoyingly awesome. My BF got one, and it would be mine now but it was stolen on our Euro travels. (sigh)

There's a cool case for it (black, slim, moleskin-esque?) that lets it stand up like a traditional keyboard for easy typing.

Make sure you get the new one so you can have internet everywhere!

I wasn't going to get one -- but then my husband pulled the evil "but you can have it as any early birthday gift" trick on me. Never mind that my birthday isn't until August.

Now I have one, and I adore it. Just having the ability to download podcasts while at work (Itunes is blocked on my work computer) is an amazing and wonderful thing. Oh, and being able to easily buy and read books -- but not have to buy another bookcase. Fantastic.

The only drawback I've encountered so far is that the ipad is expensive enough on its own -- but the accessories are killer. Since I got it a few weeks ago, I've felt compelled to spend about $100 on "necessary" apps (stuff like my to-do software, feed reader, etc), $50 on a purse that will fit it safely, $30 for a case, $20 for a screen protector... and I'm seriously contemplating another $150 on a travel bag for it. You can definitely spend less money, but oh the temptation! (Yeah, yeah, I know...speaking of soulless, materialistic freak! On the other hand, I drive an '89 Buick Skylark, so we know where my priorities are...)

On an unrelated side note -- I don't ever comment, but I love your blog. Thanks for writing!

I would get an iPhone first, because I do not have one, and I would find that much more useful day-to-day: GPS maps, reading e-mail, listening to streaming radio or podcasts, actually talking on the phone, etc.

I have a laptop for everything else, and I read books in paper that I borrow from the library.

But that's me. "Technologically apathetic."

You are a "first adopter" and "cutting edge."

Son just came in so I asked him if there was anything about his iPad that he didn't like. His first reply was one word and I'll just have to make up the spelling as it's a word he made up.

It's fingerprinty.

Evidently he hates fingerprints on stuff. He also would like to print from it. He says you can print some stuff but not like just a normal email. Tons of apps for it of course.
I like to play the air hockey game with him. haha

Anyway, I figured there wasn't too much he didn't like about them.
You can email him if you want to ask him any questions about it. He's very "apple savvy". danielgreen@me.com

Good luck!

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