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LOL I still don't know what a meme is either!
I follow Mindy Kaling and she IS hilarious. Sometimes it's nice to cheat and look at other people's lists. So like from Mindy's page you can look and see who has her on a list.....and see who else is on that list. That probably didn't make sense.

Ok so say I want to follow um comedic actors. I find Ben Stiller(@redhourben) and I look to see what lists people have put him on. Many people will have him in a list with tons of other comedic actors. And then you can pick and chose some from there to follow.
OR, have a gander at who someone else is following.

I don't really like the term lists because it's basically groups...you are
grouping together people by something they have in common. Good gosh I'm sure I probably just confused you even more. I suck at trying to explain stuff.

Anyway, the more you use it, the more you start to understand it.

Peace...Oh wait. It's 2:15am in the morning here in KS and I've just watched my 3rd episode of FNL. I blame you. hahaha

Take care, Chris or @Chris__Green

Hey --

Twitter's search function ain't great. But there are lots of other ways to find interesting people to follow.

If you're looking for someone specific, I find typing their name into GOOGLE along with "Twitter" works better than searching through Twitter.

There are lots of websites that serve as kind of yellow pages to Twitter. But once you have even a small base of people you follow, the best thing to do is see who THEY follow. Look in their stream and see who they're tweeting at. Look at their lists. Pick two people who seem to be smart about who they follow and use this site to see who they BOTH follow: http://twiangulate.com/search/

If you hand-pick your followers like this and let the people you follow grow slowly, your feed will be super useful to you.

Good luck!

P.S. If you need more hints, drop me a note! I'm actually turning this knowledge of social media into a business now! (But I would have left this comment even if I wasn't... You know I'm an avid commenter!) http://alexisgrant.wordpress.com/2010/06/23/what-exactly-does-a-social-media-consultant-do-anyhow/

Links are great! Just don't forget to have the same honest conversation you're having with your peeps here on Twitter.

I completely agree with Chris, I cheat all the time and farm other people's lists to see who is interesting! Alexis has it down too - peek at the people you already like and see who they're talking to. Great way to find interesting conversation.

Yay for Twitter! ;)

I agree with what Laurie said, if I find someone who I find interesting and probably follows people I would like. I look through who they follow and follow them too. Also I have used twellow (I think that is what it is called) as a twitter yellow pages type of thing to start building a following. Once you get a base of people be sure to just interact with them and all of a sudden the twitter thing will start to make sense!! Good Luck :-)

I started out on twitter by following people who I chat with on imdb. So I already had a shared interest with the people I was following. Somewhere along the way more and more celebs starting joining and therefore there are more people to follow now and vice versa.

The thing I love about twitter is the unfollow button. I don't use twitter for controversial or political topics because I know I run the risk of insulting someone and to me that's not what twitter is for, it's supposed to be fun. I ended up following one or two people who ended up posting some really unnecessary things. Sure it's their right to say these things, but I also have the right to unfollow them.

There's no way to use fail properly, I hope if fades away like psyche or what's crackin'? There's always someone trying to slip what's crackin' back into their vocabulary.

fyi smh means shaking my head

I've been on twitter for a couple of years now and still don't see any value in it. could just be me, tho!

There are a couple of relatively good Twitter directories that can help you find people that have mutual interests. (Google "Twitter Directory"). ;)

Mindy Kaling is a hoot! During a recent episode of The Office, she said "I tweeted that" which seriously cracked me up. I even forgive her love of the Lakers.

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