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very spacious

OK, who's the maker of those platters??? I love them! The Dala horses look great with them.

Love, love, love the vanity. You are right about it looking like something in a spa. The wood is gorgeous.

So jealous! Um, did I mention that I'm now watching season 3 of FNL. Thanks so much for getting me addicted to it! I'll be depressed when I run out of dvd's and have to wait a week between episodes.

Thinking positive thoughts for you this cycle!

Peace & blessings, C

Chris-- The platters are good ol Williams Sonoma. Arent they pretty?! SO happy youre loving FNL-- but not surprised. It is just so amazingly amazing.

Oh cool. I haven't been in Williams Sonoma in years. I should check them out. They are VERY pretty and they look perfect on those shelves.

FNL is definitely amazing. LOVE the Taylors :-) and am trying not to look at Tayor Kitsch too much but he's adorable. LOL I think that makes me some weird perverted grandmother! haha
I need to pay attention more to new shows when they come out. It's looking like I have missed a lot of good ones. Thank goodness for NetFlix and their live streaming videos. I've started watching BONES and SOA too.

Hope the coming week is a good one for you.

Take care! Chris

It's all looking lovely. Your bathroom vanity reminds me ever so sightly of the one my husband built for me. I've got pictures of my new bathroom up in a post titled, " A Trip to the Loo " if you're interested.

Your kitchen is amazing ... I love your color choices in that room and can't wait to see more of it.

Gorgeous! Can't wait to see it! And I actually have a couple of those plates! They were a divorce present! From my mother! (Sigh.)

Wow, gorgeous vanity! So much storage underneath! And the kitchen shelves look lovely. Really great colors! And I love the little blue horses! They make the look kinda global.

Fingers crossed for you right now! In a totally calm and non-stressed kind of way, of course!

Everything looks wonderful. So fun! For more fabulously aesthetic home/stationery/etc. stuff, I highly recommend the following shopping website -- I can almost guarantee that you're going to dig it: www.thevitrine.com

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