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Can you please post the chapter on "Fare for Invalids?" Remember when I made fun of that chapter? I broke my foot on Friday, and I'm now a (hungry) invalid. Yay, karma...

LOL Really? I'm not sure I could live without music, books or hope.

I'm afraid this would NEVER be my sort of "Cook Book". I really despise cooking. If the truth be known I'd rather never have to do it. I probably only do about 20% of the cooking in our house. The man does the rest.
I don't think he does it because he likes to either....he just knows if he wants to eat he better get busy. LOL

Keep sharing it because I'm getting a good chuckle every time you do.

Peace, Chris

(Way to hang in there Steve!)

ROTFLOL I just put 2 & 2 together. Christi you posted some purple sausage toes on your Twitter didn't you? Looks VERY painful!!!


Oh, no, Christi! Since youre in need, Ill give you a snippet! The first line reads: Dainty service and delicate china will often tempt an invalid more than the food. Do you have someone who can serve you dainty service on delicate china? Hope you feel better soon!

Not only do I read Sarah's blog whenever there is a new post, I also cook (even for invalids). Now only if our kitchen remodeling was done......

Steve maybe you cpuld pop over to Sarah's. Use her finely remodeled kitchen and whip up something for Christi and her broken foot. Dainty service on delicate china.

What a good friend you are.


Hmmm... Paper plates abound at my house, but if you're not careful, you can poke a fork straight through. That sorta counts as delicate china in 2010, methinks. I am strangely tempted by dainty service, though... At least my ass would appreciate it!

Thank you for entertaining me more so while I'm laid up, Sarah!

Steve is awesome. As is Sarah.

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