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Oh, I LOVE that. I use the same laundry bags with the metal handles. Mine are on a roll around cart but the cart does fit nicely in my closet. I love being able to just grab one and carry off to the washer.

I am definitely going to keep that in mind though should I ever remodel and have a chance to do that!!

Peace! Chris

I've been putting off getting one of those divided thingees, but now I'm starting to reconsider.

I consider it a mark of maturity and/or character when one can take pleasure in the simple things that make life easier.

By the appearance of it, it will be way too small when the baby comes :)

ok, now that is awesome.

Oh wow. A hamper like that would totally fill me with joy, too. You gotta take the joy where you find it!

Very cool! Outer order brings me inner peace, too! Gretchen Rubin nailed it on the head on that one.

Oh, enjoy! I'm still thrilled that with Gretchen's guidance, I put an extra box of kleenex on the bathroom vanity for make-up removal every night, rather than continue to turn and walk 3 steps to the toilet where a box has traditionally sat. Tiny thing, huge happiness boost!

Why be embarrased? - this is a problem for us too and I am trying to resolve it in a rented house; it's on my to do list! Found a solution on Amazon that I loved, but they won't ship that product to Australia (back to square one...)!

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