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One or two happy healthy babies. I'll be praying for you.

Stay positive lady!!!!


Someone told me that it was OK to pray and ask God for something. I think it was my ex actually, because I said I always made an effort to not ask for anything specific ... instead I would ask for guidance. (Wow, getting verklempt just thinking of that conversation with him. And nothing about him makes me verklempt anymore.) So I'm praying for you too.

I'm routing for you Sarah!

I'm looking forward to hearing how you picked a donor. I spent last night on the "match.com for sperm" site and was easily overwhelmed. This guy looks like Colin Firth but grandfather was a drinker...this one plays violin and looks like Wallace Shawn but has a stellar medical history...help! Am very interested to hear about your process as right now I have no idea how I'm going to decide.

Good luck!! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers! (And I'll keep my fingers crossed for good measure.)

I'm rooting for you, too! We all are!

repeat: you are never in the boat alone. dreams do come true. this i know from...


Stacy -- "looks like Wallace Shawn" just made me laugh.

I am a prayer. A pray-er. Not something I generally admit, especially in industry or industry-adjacent circles. Sad, but true. But I do believe in it. The power of prayer, that is. Not that every prayer gets answered, or gets answered in the way we want them to be answered, but I do believe in the strength of faith, and in the power of believing in something bigger than ourselves, whatever we choose to name that something. And I think any conversation with God (or whatever "God" looks like to you) is a potent one, and an important one, and a REAL one. Whatever happens, giving thanks to someone -- or Someone -- is a really great thing to do. I'm glad you did it. And I do believe that you were heard.

I have a friend who swears that when she finally gave herself permission to really ASK God/the universe/Life for a child, when she finally decided that, yes, she did in fact deserve that chance, when she finally got bold enough to pray for it and ask others to pray for it, that's when it finally happened, after 10 years of trying. Glad you didn't wait 10 years to ask!

Praying for beautiful miracles at the cellular level! (Have you seen that cool book by Lennart Nilsson, by the way?)

I don't know that I believe in God as in the go-to-church-every-Sunday God, but I do believe that there's something greater than me out there. I've felt It (Her? Him? Them?) so many different times - on a high mountain top, at the bedside of a dying patient, in the labor and delivery room as a new baby is born, in the chance meeting that changed my life....and so I pray, too.

And I'm saying an extra little prayer for you tonight!

I'm still praying lady. I know you have to be close to the end of the 2ww or near it.


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