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Poor Moose. He can actually eat a pair of socks?? This is why I'm thankful for my tiny dachshunds! I hope everything turns out ok with Moose.

I'm going to tease you here for a sec.
After reading this-"
There's no positive thinking. There's no meditation. There's no gratitude."

and this-
"And I'm worried that the eggs I just shot sperm at developed in an angry, stressed environment."

Um, I'm thinking the midwestern girl has been in sunny CA too long. ;-)

Here's hoping and praying that things get continually better and better. Personally I think a BFP would be a great ending to the crappy things you've had to deal with lately.

Take care!!!!

Oh, my goodness, Chris, you just CRACKED ME UP. Thank you.

My pleasure :-)

Doesn't it always seem that when we are so close to things that we want it only takes one negative thing to start us tumbling down to a road of no return? For the time being treasure the practice you get with Moose, (as i am sure you already know), but be thankful that for now there is no screaming, crying, kicking, diapers...for the moment. I am sure this is the last thing you want to hear but there is certainly a season for everything, keep trying, keep at it, but relax knowing that your dream will come to pass in due season.
Until then relax and enjoy the ride because before you know it you will be there!

what a fucking nightmare of a day-and then pay $1200...that's a weekend at the peninsula with a spa day for you and moose! at least eat something bad for you while soaking in a bubble bath. and just take the day to be mad, and don't feel bad if you're snippy. you are stressed and sleepless. it's ok.

If "BFP" stands for Big Effing Pizza, then I'm with Chris!

Glad that Moose is feeling better, and that he helped you start to get out of your slump.

I hope the delivery driver got a speeding ticket today.

this too, shall pass. im glad moose is doing better.

Christi, it's actually a Big Fat Positive but a Big Effing Pizza sounds REALLY good too.


"Angry, stressed out environment" can still = awesome, smart, beautiful kid. Trust me on this one. I had what seemed to me like the world's most stressful first pregnancy. Jake is seven now and he dances like Michael Jackson. If this is the month for you, don't worry about the affect that a dumbass delivery guy plus exhaustion plus dog drama (happy thoughts toward sweet doggie) plus whatever else will have on your eggs. If this is the month, the only thing that matters is that little life. It'll (he'll, she'll) be hardy. We're made to withstand a lotta shite.

Someday, it will be funny that your dog ate a pair of socks.

Hey Sarah ... I'm just catching up ... what a horrible day. But I'm glad Moose is on the mend. Hoping today's a better day than Thursday. xo. jeanne

This is totally the universe giving you experience to help you with motherhood. Cleaning up vomit? Check. Dealing with scary medical issue? Check. Running across town several times? Check. Working late into the night? Check. Exaustion, stress, worry? Check! You're part way there!

Look at it like this, life has a way of giving us what we want only when we least expect it, so by that logic, this will be the cycle you DO get pregnant. While I can see your ambivalence about that, I am willing to bet that, if it does happen, you will be thrilled and life will be all better.

(in case you hadn't noticed, I'm all the way past the glass is half full and into the "I just have a really big glass" territory when it comes to optimism)

Anyway, until you get some good news, many hugs :-).

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