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Didn't you just love Jenna's blog post putting herself out there. A brave woman!!!! I hope she finds the kind of person she is looking for. LOVE her blog so much!

Family names. I love Family names when it comes to naming kids. There are a lot of boys in our family who all have the middle name of James for my dad. My dad's middle name is Packard which was his mom's maiden name.

My youngest son's name is Davis. That was MY maiden name. He's only 7 so he still gets majorly confused as to why his Nana & Papa have HIS name as their last name.

Best thing about family names??? When someone names one after you. My 9mth old grandaughter Abigail's middle name is Christine. What an honor.

Ok so here I am either first or second maybe to reply.....I actually went to bed early tonight or I would have caught you online again. I only got back up so my 24 yr old daughter and I could battle a opossum in the backyard that the dogs were barking at. FUNNIEST NIGHT EVER. Our golden retriever came running towards us with it in her mouth....still alive. I ran and slammed the door leaving my daughter to fend for herself. She can jump pretty high and fast when she has to. She was on top of the hot tub in the blink of an eye. hmmmm I think I'll stop...this would make good blog material. LOL

Peace and prayers lady!!!!


I adore Jenna at Cold Antler Farm (not as much as I adore your blog and you)! Thanks for sending a link to her blog. Great reading list this week. I love the most popular name list...as an Amy born in 1976 I was always one of three other Amies in a class!

Every time your blog pops up in my Google Reader, I think, OH, MAYBE THIS IS THEE NEWS! Waiting patiently, fingers crossed. :)

OK. This is the first time I've ever seen/heard of the nameberry list. My daughter's name is Charlotte. It's a family name - my paternal grandmother's. Her middle name, Rose, is my maternal grandmother's. I vowed when I was 12 that if I ever had a daughter, I would name her Charlotte Rose. And now it's the top name for 2010. So much for my original idea... HMMPH!

Are you pregnant yet?!

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