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You're in my prayers, Sarah. xo

Fingers crossed ... I have a feeling this might be it too. I did the other day when it seemed as if your eggs weren't ready so I was not really surprised when everything came back positive. While I'm no psychic, sometimes I am right and I'm holding on to a good thought for your PUPO self.

You're more than welcome (and I love calling it PUPO-hah!), and I hope that it gives you the sanity that it gave me while I went through the dratted two-week-waits. Yes, more than one, but the two weeks of inner peace outweighed the disappointment the first time...and the second time I really was!

We've all been hoping along with you throughout this process, so now we get to jump on the PUPO bandwagon with you and enjoy the next two weeks. And we'll still be here after that.

Here's to hoping all you can eat in 2 weeks is mashed potatoes and mac&cheese...

BIK (before i knew)...got back into bed on a sunday morning with a stack of new magazines, two newspapers, and a new novel about a cattle drive to montana...a lounge day ...and i could not keep my eyes open. not because i was sleep deprived, just could not stay awake.

mentioned this a few months later to someone and she said, "well, yeah." she was not a person who would say "duh", but that's what she meant.
just saying...

There is something to be said, without getting all wacko new age "Secret" on you, for really believing in something positive and not channeling the negative. There is also that philisophical thing about the cat in the box being neither dead nor alive until you open the box (Schrodinger's cat, wiki it)which, while created as a paradox to portray the abstract of quantum physics, I actually use as a way to remind myself that nothing is perfectly set in stone ever and you can simultaneously be both pregnant and not but by focusing on the pregnant until proven otherwise you are actually pregnant. And I've rambled. Sorry.

All appendages crossed and prayers said :)

Hoping and praying for you and the future.

I hope the 2ww flies by for you and at the end of it you have your BFP :)

Wishing you the best!!

Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!

Wishing you very well for a continuation of the PUPO phase to the PALI phase (that is Pregnant and Loving It, but happy for others to pitch in with better acronyms, not my forte!).

Eris, I love that other people use Schroedingers Cat for things other than quantum physics! I do that too, but as a (ex)physicist felt a bit 'nerdy' to say so!

This site is really helping me as I set up to start full IVF this Thursday. Thanks :)

Hey lady! I'm still praying for you!



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