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I'm sorry girl. That sucks. That is great news about your donor though!!

Take that very long nap and think about the rest later. You'll know which direction to go when it's time to go there. :-)

*Big Hug*


I have recently started reading your blog and have tried following it religously because I love your attitude and sense of humor.
I am so sorry to hear todays bad news, however, the good news is fantastic!
Stay positive and hang in there, I pray that your next steps will lead to a pregnancy.
Keep your chin up!

"This wasn't just plain terrible, this was fancy terrible. This was terrible
with raisins in it."
Dorothy Parker (1893-1967)

her words, my feelings. crappy deal. re-load and come out shooting.

Well that just sucks.

It's crazy how it works right away for some people, and for others it takes multiple tries - it should be easier than this. But you will get there. Why else would there still be two vials of your donor available?

I'm sorry.

But happy to know you're looking on the positive side...

I'm sorry, Sarah. Great news about the additional vials, though. It's a marathon, no doubt.

So sorry! Maybe other good news is that you have a better idea that the donor can get the job done, so to speak?

I love that you seem to always find the good news along with the bad. It is a wonderful quality that will be so useful when you are a mother. Your child -- whoever and whenever that child is/comes to be -- is already so very lucky to have you.

Ack. Blech. Sorry. But at least there's more sperm where that came from! And more time. Deep breath, my dear. You'll get there.

Napping is good. I'm sorry it didn't work this time, but it will soon. Focus on the good things in your life right now.

Ditto to all the above. Sending you a great big hug. m.

I am sorry to hear about these results.
About the donor, though, SO EXCITED!!

Ugh, so sorry to hear that. But hooray for not having to find a new donor! I agree with Shannon that it's kinda magical/meaningful that 2 vials showed up when you needed them!

I'm so sorry, Sarah ...double ditto on all the above sentiments...(including joy over the two magical vials!)

Oh Sarah, I'm so sorry! I've been trying to get pregnant for the last 5 months and I know how frustrating it is every month you're proven otherwise.

I am beginning to think it's a wonder that anyone is born at all since the process is not as easy as advertised!

I hope it works on your next try!

Hey Sarah,
First, I'm very sorry to hear. It sucks, I know.
Second, but good for you for trying and good for you for looking forward. I am a wuss and freaked out when it didn't work for me the two times I tried.
I have decided to move to IVF. I will be using retirement money, but hey, I'm going to have to work until I die anyway, so what the heck.....
(My clinic is running a study for women 38 and older - if you get selected for the study, you get all meds paid for: which is about one half your cost of a normal IVF. Ping me if you want to hear more - it's the top-rated IVF clinic in the country)

Blech, that sucks. I'm with christina at times like this - amazed anyone gets pregnant with how complicated it all is. I'm always impressed by your ability to keep focused on what's next, though, and am so glad that it doesn't include having to find a new donor right now!

happy to hear about the miraculous vials, good luck!

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