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I wish I could take Maria ... I love her, too! And I've never met her. Thanks, Sarah, for making my night!

Too bad you are so far away. I know my oldest son would foster her until the lake was overhauled. He has been reading Jenna's CAF blog and is finally working towards things he's always wanted. He just built a chicken coop recently for his chickens that he raised in the house.

Oh, and by the way. One of those chickens is named after me. My 4yr old grandson named them all. His favorites are Batman & Gramma. One of my daughter-in-laws was visiting them and she said it was so funny to hear the grandkids yell, "Gramma is eating a bug!" "Gramma just pooped!".

Maria would fit in perfectly there. Of course, the snow in the winter might kill her. :-(


I love this story - and I love Maria! If I were any closer than Connecticut I'd seriously think of ways to adopt her. In the meantime, I'm happy to help make fliers, make calls, whatever it takes. Please keep us posted!

P.S. My sister was given a baby goose on her first mother's day - naturally, they named her Mother. Mother stood in the drive way and saw each kid off to college. Yes, she was with them for almost 25 years! And she was a beloved member of their family.

Aww... that is so adorable. I really hope it all works out.

I will refrain from posting my comment about the Womans Exchange Cook Book and the chapter on foul.

You know what would make a great email sig line? This hilarious quote.

We were hurt, of course. As one is, when one is
abandoned by one's goose.-Sarah Fain

Um, that's my goose. Send her to Pittsboro and Sean and I will put her in the yard with Max.

well...i am happy that Maria is making good friends. DOminic will be a good advocate for her, but she is a social creature. carolynn

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