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Sarah - Thanks for the biscuit recipe. You know, even though IU live in the heart of biscuit country it is really tough to find a good biscuit when we go out to eat. The cream of tartar is a great addition giving just that little extra bite to compliment the butter, jam, honey or molasses (yummy) that you put on it. I can expound on the virtues of a good biscuit for hours and then venture off into the rewards and memories of my TFA breakfast staple of the Wiggin's Lake gas station cheese biscuit (slice of cheddar baked right into the biscuit) with country ham and a fried egg.

Does the Woman's Exchange have a cornbread recipe? Best cornbread is the one my wife, Jen, makes (and will make again when we have a functioning kitchen) in a cast iron skillet. You melt butter in the skillet prior to putting the batter in to give a crispy, almost fried, bottom and sides. Strangely the recipe comes from the Silver Palate cookbook.

I'll stop making everyone salivate and return to my day job.


Mmmm... bread...

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