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This sounds like a great plan Sarah. You've done this before and you know the first part is hard but once you get in the groove you'll feel so much better.
Exercising and eating healthy will give you more energy, make you feel better and you'll be able to deal with stress better. So, this sounds like a great plan for you at the best time.
Is your birthday soon soon? I hope you have a good one. This will be your first time turning 39 right? :-)

Take care lady!!

Good luck! I'll be watching! (But not judging!)

So glad you'll be seeing a specialist next, and hope that your time 'off' rejuvenates you. I vote for a cupcake on your birthday! : )

You can do it! And you're motivating me, too. I'm also an abstainer, not a moderator, and I need a kick in the butt to abstain. Thanks!

Gretchen tweeted this this morning. You've probably read/heard it all but her timing is perfect..

"12 Tips for Getting Regular Exercise--and the Benefits for Happiness: Feeling tired is a reason to exercise, not ... http://huff.to/dlnTWP"


Wishing you the best!

A huge diet Coke on your birthday is hardly a diet-buster.

I admire the resolution to get healthy. But -- don't forget -- once you are pregnant, those loose-ish jeans are going to become just-right and then tightish and even unwearable. So any weight loss is necessarily going to be unsustainable, at least in the next few years. Just a reminder.

While your plan sounds painful, it also sounds like a good idea. Good luck! (And for your birthday, I'd say do the cupcake AND the Diet Coke. We only turn 39 ten or so times, so it definitely worth celebrating!)

Having a plan is a good thing ... maybe you'll even come to like the plan ...

French Fries didn't even make the list?!

Sarah - I just started reading your blog recently, but congrats to you! 2 months of super healthy living takes dedication! I'm trying to get back on the exercising bandwagon myself, and I'll be using you as inspiration :)

To give you some inspriation... I am about to end a 6 month break from TCC. I was doing IVf and was told to stop exercising (ok training for triathlons) during the IVF process. Anyway I gained about 15 lbs. Due to some issues at work, I was forced to take a 6 month break. During that time, I got back into training and hired a nutrionist. I did a final retrieval two months in and got more eggs that made it to 5-day blastocytes than all my other (4) retrievals combined. I have NO doubt it was a result of exercise and a healthy diet. So while it may seem painful now, it is well worth it!!

With that said, have BOTH the cupcake and diet coke. It's your birthday after all!

I notice that you haven't written a post in a few days. I notice this because your blog is bookmarked on the little bar thing, right between HuffPo and Twitter-that-I-never-use. Every morning, I check out those, Nikki Finke (I know, I know), Facebook, and you. Hope a few days off means a few days of birthday frivolity and not a few days of stress. Happy birthday!

Jen K beat me to the punch ... starfish is also on my little bar thing, and it's one of my first stops when I turn on the computer in the morning. Wishing you much happiness on your birthday and for the gift of this new year! Looking forward to your getting up and running again :)

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