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I'm willing to bet your scissor count goes down after a baby comes into the house ... :)

Ha! You may have a point! (Bad, bad pun.)

Your carefully planned scissor placement throughout your house reminded me of my bic lighters. I kept a few in the kitchen drawer, my night stand, the change jar in the basement, the den, and yes even the bathroom! I quit smoking over 8 years ago so I guess a little thing like not needing my lighters anymore made my life better in a huge way! Plus, it's the hardest thing I've ever done in my life and I'm so glad I finally did it!

Haha, I love having a clock in every room. I don't wear a watch but want to be able to just look up and know the time. I just made my work get them for every meeting room!

I am a big fan of scissors too [and they have to be sharp ones!]. And I like to have a stash of pens in various locations. So really I need to have a pencil case of stationery in every room... Oh how I love buying stationery!

Having a plastic bag for trash in the car. My husband thinks it's a little gross, but I cannot stand -- CANNOT STAND -- not having a place to put a used tissue or receipt or wrapper from kids' yogurt squeezer or whatever. When I finally just looped a grocery store bag around the little loop in the front of the minivan, it was exhilarating.

Maybe I need to get out more.

Jen K, I feel you. I finally got a trash bag that loops around the back of my passenger seat. Not so great for the passenger in back perhaps, but great for me! And really, how often do I have people back there? Its made a huge difference in the state of my car, and makes me happier, too!

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Nail clippers.

Heather-- Yes! For me, its nail files. Now that you mention it, I really need to get more...

I saw the picture...and I read the title and the first couple of lines...and I thought you were going to say the secret of happiness is to get a new haircut! Which, coincidentally, is my secret...and which, by the way, I am totally overdue for (haven't had a haircut in at least six months)...and which, come to think of it, could explain my recent feeling of unspecific non-happiness...hmmm...

YES! Nail files/emery boards! I always feel like if I spread them around enough there will always be one available. Now, I don't have nice manicured nails, I just like them short and neat. Can't stand it if I break one or something and have a jagged edge. MUST be able to file that down smooth!!


Oh, the other secret to happiness is the Glee version of "Don't Stop Believin'."

I'm just saying.

Sarah Fain, you're a gem. I love reading your blog. You're so very refreshing. I wish cupid would make you and my brother (who lives in LA) meet and marry, then you'd be family :)

After baby, I have small washcloths in every room at arms reach from almost any position. I had no idea how often I'd be wiping her face, hands, nose, butt and in how many different rooms.

And there is nothing worse than needing a wipe and having to go to another room to get it. By the time you get back, you not only have to clean the baby, but everything she has touched!

Thanks for your happiness secret - I'm going to get a second pair of scissors tomorrow.

Having a little container to put trash in next to my bed. I always have gum wrappers and tissues to throw away, and it makes me so happy to have the garbage right next to me.

I've never thought about it but I have A LOT of pairs of scissors. A LOT. But I'm an artist in love with paper so I suppose that wouldn't surprise too many people. Now I'm curious and I want to count... I wonder if I could even locate them all at once?

Seven? We probably have 15 (two of us and three artistic children). Unfortunately, the scissors seem to get lonely for each other, so we end up with (for example) 7 pair in the kitchen and none in the wrapping area. Great advice, though.

Same goes for pens and paper.

Yep, I have scissors in every room, along with tissues. I hate having to chase down a tissue holding my hand over my face to keep the snot from escaping. It's not a pretty sight, so now there are boxes strategically placed everywhere, including my car!

Joe, that's some sort of law of the universe. We have 4 cordless phones in the house. Phone rings. I run searching for a phone. All 4 phones sitting on my desk.


I love scissors, too. :-D

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