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Reading this and how much you loved your Great G-Ma makes me wonder what "legacies" our generation will pass onto the next - next generation. Seems like now a days we are so busy with working and trying to squeeze in everything else in that I know I won't have any "special" recipes to pass down. Hmmmm Maybe living without indoor plumbing is the way to go! Nahhhh Thanks for sharing your special keepsakes Sarah!

I'm a sucker for baked goods, and am curious about the "Good Bread;" especially since it doesn't seem to have any yeast in it. I've tried to figure out what "roman meal" is, too, but Google keeps bringing up the commercial bread company, and menus from the HRE (toga party, anyone?)

What a perfect excuse to order stuff from King Arthur Flour (as if I needed a good excuse.)

Just have to find a break between P vs Z...

I'll update when I've hit the kitchen! Thanks for sharing!!

roman meal? graham flour? n.d. molasses?

this recipe calls for ingredients that will stop you up for a while...hence, the outdoor plumbing dilemma...

don't know where you are keeping your cookbook, i have some older ones that i keep in an acid-free box from the container store.

if anyone has other, better suggestions, please share.....

If I remember correctly Roman Meal is brand name. I'll ask my mom who still has recipes calling for Oleo. haha


Roman Meal Cereal

Around 1910, .......

Based on the early diet of the Roman legionnaires, he developed Dr. Jackson’s Roman Health Meal. It was a breakfast mush of whole grain wheat, rye, bran, and flaxseed, which he also used to make pancakes, muffins, and bread.

This was the precursor to the Roman Meal brand of bread now. If I remember correctly it came in a cylindrical box. No, I'm not that old but my grandparents were huge antique collectors.


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