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I'm sending you some love. xx

that sounds great!! fingers crossed! as for the grammar police,their pity truly deserves to pitied be ;-)

You don't know me but I've been reading your blog for awhile. I think I found it through Gretchen Rubin's blog. Anyway, I'm a mom of three and went through the IUI thing (multiple times) awhile back. Though our situations are somewhat different I can relate to the anxiety and build up of excitement and disappointment when the IUIs don't work out. It seems like a sure thing when you see that follicle ready to burst and this is Science so it should be a sure thing! And when it is not, uhg, more waiting. It feels like your whole life is on hold and that everyone else is able to move on with their lives but you. And it isn't fair!
When it finally happens for you and you meet that little miracle, you will come to know he or she was your destiny and all that waiting wasn't in vain. You will also be an inspiration and source of strength for someone down the line going through the same thing.
Good luck!

Yea for the new RE! Sounds like she's ready to get down to the business of getting you pregnant!

Two vials from your 1st donor? Is that Kismet? Let's hope!

Can I just say that things are starting to look really good? All of this AND a disgustingly awesome new red washer/dryer....Yeah things are looking up.

Hugs to ya! C

Yay, she sounds really great and on top of things. Sorry about the timing/luteal phase ignorance. I can completely relate to that, having done four IUIs with an obgyn who did not monitor at all and did not prescribe trigger shots. He and the nurses always seemed so relaxed about the timing, while I felt like yelling, "I'm paying $700 for sperm, dammit!! Let's run a bit tighter ship, shall we?!!" :) But at least you are moving forward now and seem in much better hands. Sending lots of positive wishes!!

Grow, my little follicles! Grow!

Christi, that had a mad scientist sound to it. I can see you with an evil look on your face, rubbing your hands together.



This new situation sounds like kismet. Though you won't know because of the jinx potential, I'll begin knitting booties.... now.

It sounds like you have found the right RE to help you. And while you should still be mad, it has to help your confidence for future cycles to know that there's good explanations why the prior IUIs didn't work. Meaning the next IUI is much more likely to work! *fingers crossed*

Sounds like things are heading in a positive direction, hope you can find a way to let go of the bad previous experiences and move on confidently (and hopefully with positive results). Really wish you the best of luck...

Yay for progress! And for not ignoring luteal phase defects! And for magically appearing sperm vials!

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