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OMG! I can't even image being in that heat without air conditioning! Stay cool and I hope you are able to get some sleep! :)

OMGosh Sarah. I really can't imagine living in that heat. How can you sleep at night? We keep our a/c on 68 AND have a fan blowing on us at night. I feel bad for taking my a/c for granted!
I guess if no one is home during the day you can't leave windows open etc to keep it from getting so hot inside. Do a lot of the homes there have whole house fans? Or I guess they are called attic fans too. They are pretty inexpensive for the job that they do.

What would I like to have a year from now? That's a tough tough question. Wait, no it's not. I want to trade my Jeep in for a mini-van. This will be twice in my life I said I'd never drive one and then desperately want and get one. There just isn't any other vehicle that makes sense for a SAHM.

Stay cool girl!!


Sorry about the heat. Yikes. We're in sweaters and rain gear over here.

A year from now?

Somehow bring in enough money that I can afford to have a 2nd baby and stay home with my kids. Since I'm single, seems to me I need to win the lottery for that to happen - but I'm open to suggestions.

Greater resilience. And a magic closet that is always filled with comfortable, cute clothes that fit.

In the elevator on the way into work yesterday, it said the forecast in LA for the day was a low in the mid-60's and a high of 107. It could be worse, but I prefer a smaller range of temperament--imagine that the wide swing made it an emotional day for people.

Hope things have cooled off for you!

A year from now, I will have a successful small business as a writer and photographer, I'll have finished some renovations on my condo so that I can start thinking about putting it on the market, and I'll be just about ready to quit my day job.

A year from now ... we'll have a house on enough land so our horses can be there, too ... and two bathrooms ... and a friend in LA with A/C, a baby and a draft of her YA novel. I'm really looking forward to two bathrooms. xo - jeanne

A full night's sleep, a part-time job that lets me resume my career and still spend time with my boys, and most, most, most of all: a (2-yr-old) nephew who is finally cancer-free and a healthy baby brother or sister for him. If I could just have the last two on behalf of my sister, I'd give up the first two in a heartbeat.

A year from now I'd like to be a mommy also. i'm going through the steps right now to adopt through foster care. Also, I hope to be better established with advancing my career. Maybe the future could hold a husband... we'll see. I just know one of these posts of yours will be to announce a baby on the way!

Love this Sarah. I post my list of year-from-now goals on my fridge so I'm always looking at them ...
Keep cool ...

I hope to have a cancer free fiend next year!

A year from now, I'll hopefully have a degree in my hands and will be making arrangements to leave this poopity doopity den of small minded people. Yes!

It has been miserable hot out there - I hope you're finding a way to stay cool!

What I'd like to have a year from now:

1) A healthy, happy baby
2) A ceiling with no leaks
3) An arse that fits into my favorite jeans again.

Hmm, a year from now I'd like to live in a home with a fenced-in back yard and a doggie door. And maybe a bun in the oven. But the back yard is a must. :)

In a year, I'd love to be on my way to a college degree (finally), have at least one finished screenplay, and have a concrete plan/timeline to move to L.A.

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