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I really enjoy your blog.

I was loving Lone Star, but just heard it was the first to fall. Five-O is also looking good & Detroit 187 has my attention.

We are also overwhelmed by all the new shows - we have 4 DVR's recording 6 shows at a time! Every CD wants SKJ to know their show when she auditions...whew!

The new show I am really liking is TERRIERS. I have enjoyed Hawaii Five-0 so far. That's really it for the new shows.
This is what is on my series manager (old and new shows; currently airing and in hiatus)
Burn Notice, Human Target, White Collar, Eureka, Covert Affairs, CSI (Vegas), In Plain Sight, Terriers, V, L&O: SVU, Hawaii Five-0, True Blood, Nurse Jackie

I tried several other new shows, but they just didn't grab me: Boardwalk Empire, Blue Bloods, The Event, and a few others.

Yeah, you can quit Lone Star - it got the axe after only two episodes. They've shot 5 total, but there's no word on whether they're going to burn off the last 3. Lie to Me takes its place starting next week.

LOL Your list looks nothing like mine. Sorry to hear about Lonestar but can't say I'm too upset since Lie To Me's between season hiatus only last 2 weeks.

My new favorite show is Terriers. Can Shawn Ryan make anything bad?? I've found myself thinking Donal Logue is extremely attractive when he's scruffy and unkempt. odd. Others on my DVR are BONES, House, The Amazing Race, Hell's Kitchen, No Ordinary Family & Sons of Anarchy.

Totally by accident I started watching Raising Hope. I hadn't planned to because I didn't see a lot of press about it so I thought it was a serious show. So, accidentally watched it and LMAO!!! The pilot was hilarious but in the first 30 seconds of the 2nd episode I almost peed my pants from laughing. We actually laughed out loud through the whole thing. I like a show that cracks me.

I loved your description of Hawaii 5-0 " Incredible production value, terrific cast, excellent writing-- the whole package." Have no clue about those things for Raising Hope but I did laugh my ass off. :-)
It'll be interesting to see which shows really take off.


I'm SO HAPPY to be finished with work this week so that I can FINALLY start watching TV again! This whole work thing is really cramping my TV watching style.

I think I must be a TV snob or something. I give new shows a chance based solely on the pre-premiere teasers. If nothing grabs me during the teaser, I don't even bother to watch. I've also got some sort of mental block against procedural dramas. I can't watch 'em. I try, but I can't.

Give me a comedy, though, and I'm in. Just started "Raising Hope" and really liked it. I love Greg Garcia, and was a HUGE fan of Earl, so it's nice to see he's back on TV. (I also remember when Martha Plimpton used to play a teenager, too, so I'm officially old.) I hate the musical numbers on "Glee," but the writing is BRILLIANT, so I watch that.

As far as dramas go, I'm still on board with MadMen, but only because I invested in the first 2 seasons, so I have to keep going. I loved the first season of True Blood, and I've loaded up the Netflix queue with Season 2 (again, funemployment = catching up!), and Sons of Anarchy because, well, it's paying the bills. Actually, I'm mesmerized (still) by the process that takes the words on the page and turns them into the living, breathing episodes each week. Even though I play a very minuscule part in that process, it's nice to see the fruits of everyone's labor.

I also enjoy the train wrecks that are: COPS, Lockup: Raw, 19 Kids & Counting, Teen Mom, and Sister Wives. I'm a voyeur. I also love, love, LOVE watching "In the Kitchen with David" on QVC on Sunday mornings, although I never buy a goddam thing. Don't judge.

Do you mean in general or new shows?

Well looks like FOX made up our minds for us on "Lone Star." Really like James Wolk and hopefully The CW can catch him. I was given it a shot so too bad on that. Glad that show wasn't "solving the case" each episode. Almost forgot TV could do that.

I <3 TV.

BTW, I nominated you for a blog award on my blog today.

YAYYY!!!!! I'm so excited and honored!!!

Sorry. I don't watch t.v. But I LOVE books! And blogs, including yours. :-)

Speaking of books. Sarah I'm going to need more new book ideas to add to my NOOK soon. The last time you blogged about books I was able to add 20+ great titles! There were quite a few that you suggested that I loved. Their Eyes Were Watching God was one of them.



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